Instamood & Aztec scarf

Instamood & Aztec scarf
Yay! I wrote four whole entries last month… :sigh:
I can’t believe it’s already December! ..On the other side it’s always nice to have a blog entry on the first of the month, don’t you think?. :happy: Three more weeks to go and I’m a free person again! …or almost. I still have to hand in a paper until the 7th of January but I think I will manage that somehow. :etone: Right now I’m watching a movie and I’ve been procrastinating like this for too long. I’m afraid I will be incredibly busy with catching up on all that reading material I haven’t read yet. Sometimes I ask myself if I should have chosen biology and not history of art and Japanese but then again I would have to deal with some nasty math.. I want to get this first semester finally over with! :flyusagi: The last weeks before the holidays are so stressful. Anyway, I’ve been taking lots of insta pics lately so here we go~

1. That’s how I feel when I’m with Silvankun 2. My modest Manga & dvd collection 3. Colorful lights 4. Papaer stars 5. Rennweg
6. I’ve been to the theater and watched “the storm” 7. Coffe & croissant at uni 8. Ninachan 9. Lovely star light


1. Autumn sky; view from my balcony 2. strolling through the city 3. Practicing Go 4. Reindeer in front of the English book shop 5. Baked apple cake 6. Flowers from my mum for my birthday 7. Ikea once again.. 8. Peeeace at Geneva Japan matsuri
9. En soie in Zurich – such a lovely window decoration!


On our way to Regensdorf (that’s where I took the Purikura pictures) we stopped because I wanted to take pictures in the corn field I had seen from the car window. I’m not even sure if it’s an authentic Aztec pattern but it definitely doesn’t look nordic. So when we passed the beautiful corn fields I just had to ask Silvankun to take some pictures of me with that scarf. Sorry for the serious face… :totorosmile: I love the pattern and colors but it’s huuuge! It could almost pass as a blanket… :jupp:
Neko in the corn field

Thank you for the lovely comments on my last Bento entry! :miam: I haven’t done any the last weeks but I will definitely do one when I have more time again. Does anyone know where to get an affordable Magewappa or wooden Bento box? Maybe I should wish for on this xmas. :klimper: Also, there’s nekoblog’s 3th 2nd… anniversary coming up but I don’t know if I should do a giveaway yet. If I do one however, it will be after the official date so I can choose something cool!


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  1. :hionigiri:

    I wonder who Silvankun is c:
    Ah! You have a great manga
    collection :c I have zero…
    Your dog is really sweet!
    Love the pictures of you in
    the field of grain, very

    I am looking for a cheap yet
    cute yet good quality bento
    box as well >:l


    • Hey Mei! Thanks for your super fast comment! :bling: Silvankun is my boyfriend ;) I’m sorry, I didn’t introduce him because many readers already do know him :hehe:
      and Nina is actually my mother’s dog but sometimes I like to keep her too. :happy:

  2. :hello:
    Dankesehr für deinen Kommentar! :3

    Dein Blogdesign ist ja wahnsinnig niedlich! (Ich liebe Katzen. Nicht so sehr wie Schweine, aber auch sehr! :D)

    Liebe Grüße,

  3. Your blog is so cute… I’m happy that I found you haha :heartame: nice pictures ! When will be your blog anniversary? :nekopaw:

    • aww Thank you ふ :hoshi:
      nekoblog’s second anniversary will be on the 16th (I think… :catexclam: ) or was it the 18th? I have to check.. :ghihi:

  4. Süsse Instagramm Fotos! :D Habe von zu Hause auch ein paar Mangas mitgenommen x3 hehe! Aber riesig ist die Sammlung nicht mehr! Dafür umso riesiger ist die Sammlung der jap. Fashion-Mags! xD haha!

    Und ich sollte auch mal Weihnachtsbilder schiessen! XD Bin zu faul bei der Kälte raus zu gehen! QQ

    Die Bilder im Kornfeld sind echt schön geworden! <3 Da hast du dir ne schöne Hintergrund-Kulisse ausgesucht *gg*

    Danke für deinen Kommi! Du kannst ihn echt mal nach den Settings fragen, die er für Nachts-Shootings hat! Ich schaue ansonsten nochmal im Internet nach! Die Settings waren ja nicht so schlecht, könnten aber besser sein! ^^

  5. Such beautiful pictures ~ and you look so beautiful when you´re in the corn field and I love your scarf!!

  6. your mom got you a birthday flower? happy birthday!
    I received the same flower when I graduated because apparently it was our class flower? Our school provided one for each student. But it’s also a Japanese traditional funeral flower…so my parents thought someone died :/ awkward. haha


    • Jepp :) she did :wink: The Chrysanthemum is a funeral flower in Italy too and maybe even in Switzerland but they’re so pretty that I don’t mind :aiyo:

  7. Nifty photos ^_^ I love the instagram pic of coffee + croissant! I loveee eating croissants and with coffee..well that’s just the best combination, right? Lol. beautiful pics of nature and just around the city. It’s cool getting a glance through these photos! and congrats on the soon 3 year anniversary!!


    • awww it’s so embarrassing!!! it’s only the second anniversary ^.^’ I thought it was the third year.. haha
      thank you~

  8. You have such a sweet and adorable blog! Love all the little animations. :)
    Good luck with the studies – they’ll be over sooner or later, so just be strong and focused.
    Thank you for sharing the instagrams – such a wonderful collection of photos! x

  9. hehe awww your blog is so cute :) i love all of the little aminamted characters <3

  10. Your montage of pictures are beautiful! You’re so stinkin’ adorable.

    Hang in there, my dear. Studies will be over soon. I feel ya. I feel yuhhh.

  11. Just stumbled upon your blog and I love it.
    You take great Instagram pics.
    Your pic “8. Peeeace at Geneva Japan matsuri” has a little girl in the background just looking on. If she wasn’t wearing a bright pink kimono, that’d be pretty creepy hehe

  12. :hirabbit: sweetheart! lovely photos. i love instagram posts so much, although i have seen most of these since i follow you ;) still love the ones with the stars so much. i just put one from ikea in my window for xmas! you should send me your address so we can send xmas cards to each other!
    xx rae

  13. Omg birthday flowers! Happy belated birthday! I wanna ask my mum for birthday flowers too hahaha but that’s not our style so she probably won’t get them not to mention she will be the one taking care of them =P I just walk by and look at how pretty they are hahahaha

    Ninachan is adorable!!!! Is she a labrador mix? Her fur coat colour reminds me of chocolate =3 Nice managa/anime collection! I remember when I was younger it was really hard to buy manga because not a lot of places sold it but now it’s everywhere!

    That’s sweet your bf helped you take such nice photos~

  14. I must admit these are such really well taken pictures. The crossiant and the coffee, the star lights, the lanterns and you hiding behind the walls.

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