Indian Summer

Indian Summer
Hey Sunshines :twinkles:
How was your weekend? I spend the last two days in Italy in the countryside. In contrary to Zurich where we’re sitting in heavy fog, the weather there was mild and sunny. Besides some shopping, sleeping, eating and taking tons of pictures, we didn’t doo much. There would have been a lot to do, like planting bulbs and weed the patches but since my brother was with us, we used the opportunity to play around with our cameras (he’s really passionate about photography and taught me a few things about my camera, I didn’t know).

We arrived on friday night and had planned to eat pizza but the restaurant was closed for vacation so we had dinner in a rustic restaurant where they cooked local dishes like Pizzoccheri and Polenta. Pizzoccheri are a type of short tagliatelle made with buckwheat and wheat flour. They are cooked along with greens and cubed potatoes, layered with pieces of cheese and dressed with garlic and sage that are lightly fried in butter together. As you can imagine, they’re a sin but truly worth it. I had a great time taking pictures of the scenic nature with its beautiful colors. Saturday we went for some shopping and I picked up a pair of cute house shoes and two lovely jumper, a velvety and a woolen one. Sunday I persuaded Silvankun to take pictures of me with my fox scarf and the new woolen jumper.

I probably already wrote that but I can’t say it enough: I’m so in love with that fox scarf!
To see more scenic pictures and ego shots, read on!

I’ll be back soon with a review and other things :blinkheart:


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  1. oh wow! The pictures are amazing! Soo beautiful :nyanyan:
    Looks like I wasn’t the only one who was escaping foggy Switzerland :nope:
    Next time you have to tell and show me how you did these lovely light effects :happy:

    PS. I read about your jogging post. ねこちゃん★ I am so proud of you!!! よく がんぱった! I admire your strong will to wake up at 6 am and go running. Especially in these cold days!

    You can do it!
    Have a nice evening & keep running! :klimper:

    • Thanks Miho-chan! I didn’t run when I was in Italy but I will today :oh: 12 min. left before I have to get up and start running :hai:
      Have a nice day :ichikeki:

  2. What stunning scenery! I really need a holiday I haven’t left the UK in almost two years! What’s happening with my life? Oh and that fox scarf = adorable! I love it! xxx

  3. Wunderschöne Fotos hast Du gemacht. Viel Spass in Italien!

    P. S.: Hast Du evtl. ein Rezpt für Pizzoccheri? Ich könnte mir vorstellen, dass es ganz lecker schmeckt.



    • Hallo Pimo! Ja, Italien war wirklich schön! Ich habe selbst noch nie Pizoccheri gemacht aber das ist wahrscheinlich nicht so schwierig :smile: einfach die teigwaren mit dem wirz und den kartoffel gar kochen (wobei ich den wirz erst am schluss hinzugeben würde, dann das ganze in eine pfanne geben und mit käse versetzen und am schluss noch die in butter frittierten salbeiblätter und knoblauch drüber giessen.
      Dieses rezept klingt ziemlich authentisch: Pizzoccheri Rezept

  4. Its really beautiful there and I love how everything look so idyllic there. You took some great pictures! Oh, and really cute scarf ^^

  5. Wow you were here! Your photos make me want to go to the mountains *_*
    I really love pizzoccheri too, I’ll publish the recipe soon!
    Your scarf is really cute, love it *W*

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