I believe in Miracles~

I believe in Miracles~
Hello Sweethearts :swirlheart:
It feels like ages since I last wrote a blog entry but I’m finally back! Thank you for your sweet support and believing in me! You can’t imagine how much happened in the last weeks and honestly, I’m happy it’s over. I had several nerve wrecking exams that I will never forget and I was finally admitted to university. But instead of relaxing and celebrating like normal people do, I had to move to a new appartment within two days! Silvankun & I had a hard time moving everything in such a short time but miraculously everything worked out just fine…

The new place is pretty cool and I’m happy to have a room (with a balcony!!!!) for myself again. :ii: It’s a little more distant from the center of the city than the place before but easily accessible and neat. Originally I had planned to spend the rest of my so called summer holiday somwhere in Italy but since I still have tons of things to do I’m not sure if I have time. My first semester will start at mid September!

These are all the books I had to read for my exams!… actually that’s not even all of them :jupp: haha

Summer is over and my favourite season is approaching: Fall! So I will probably spend the rest of my holidays with arranging the new appartment, blogging & shopping! :tanoshii: I missed you guys and the blogosphere like crazy during the last two weeks and I can’t wait to read all your entries~

I’ll be back soon with some pictures of the last month, a wishlist (I think I deserve….! :etone: ) & some other things…


PS: There’s a Lolita meeting taking place right now in Bern and I would have loved to go there but sadly I didn’t make it. I feel a little like cinderella because I have no Loli dress and tons of things to do at home.. :hm: I hope I can make it the next time though!

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  1. Ohh that’s a great news, sweetie :hoshi:
    Are you living alone?

    I wish I could move to apartment as well,
    may need to take some more year to do that :sigh:

    Good luck and welcome back :iida:

    • ありがとう モモ猫 :on:
      I still live with my boyfriend but in our last appartment we shared our bedroom :hehe: I wish you good luck finding yours! In Zurich it is so difficult to find a nice flat at a reasonable price.. :jupp:

  2. Hi Darling!

    Nice you’re back :D I can’t wait to read all your news about your life! I am happy that you have been admitted to university! Congrats – I knew you can do it ^^ I wish you a good school start – my school life will start then too :nyanyan: *omg* free time on saturdays was pure luxury *lol* :nope:

    What a pity that you couldn’t come to the Loli-meeting. I really wanted to see you, but I can understand that you had a hard time with studying, moving etc. May we can have a Swiss Blogger “Laurita-Neko-Miho-Girls Meeting” the next time :ii:

    Have a nice evening :on:

    :nekopaw: :nekopaw: :nekopaw:

  3. Yaaaaay! You’re back! *geeky happy dance* Congrats on getting into uni, I was going through the same thing so I know how you were feeling! I’m sure you’ll have a lovely time, keep us posted :)

    Good luck with the new apartment! I’d love to get a place with the boyf but in the south of England even a teeny apartment is too pricey for two nineteen year olds. Sad day!

    Anyhoo, glad your back lovely! Can’t wait too see your new posts :) :rabukuma:

  4. @ Miho-chan: Thank you~ wishing you a good start into your new school year too! A meet-up would be nice ;) hehe :totorosmile:

    @ Maisy: Thank you! :rabukuma: I can’t wait to see how uni is :nope: but I’m seriously afraid of my Japanese classes o.0 I can imagine that it must be even more difficult to find an appartment in England than in Switzerland!! it’s sad indeed.. :crying:

  5. i wish i could move into apartment as well :((
    and i actually hate moving the things omg -_-
    I just moved to new room too and can’t sleep well last night :(

    welcome back and godd luck :whistle:

  6. Welcome back!!! I’m sorry to hear your summer wasn’t so faboulos, I hope fall will be better and that you’ll like your university! Fall is my favourite season too, but atm I’m a bit depressed because here the weather is grey and cold.

  7. Thank you for you lovely comments :) they honestly made me feel better. Thanks a lot!
    And good luck for uni, if you work enough it’s easy! :) but I understand you, because I’m very lazy too..
    And congratulations on you moving :)
    If you come to Paris let me know, it would be great to meet :)


  8. :hionigiri: congratz on completing your exam and getting into University!!! I can tell this is definitely a nerve wrecking exam, seeing how much books you have to study to prepare for it!

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