Hunters, Wellies, Galoshes… or just Rain boots

Hunters, Wellies, Galoshes… or just Rain boots
Yes, I know it’s still August :hehe:. But somehow I can’t wait for fall to begin! As you may already know I’m really keen on autumn fashion because there actually is something to wear and combine! In summer I’m fine with just a pair of shorts and a cute and lacy, white blouse. Sometimes I feel like wearing a dress (most often also white) but that’s all. Sure, I also wear other colors but there are rarely more than one or two pieces I wear at the same time! In fall however you can choose between different layers, coats, stockings etc. and make it look more elaborate. One special item for fall I didn’t mention yet: rain boots :blinkheart:

I love rain boots! And besides being incredibly practical and cool they reminde me of childhood. Who doesn’t like to walk through piles of autumn leaves or mudd and jump into puddles? Well I certainly do! :totorosmile: An other thing I love about rain boots is that they’re so easy to get in. How to get out of them is totally an other story :wink:. I liked wearing rain boots as a kid and I still do! But the last few years I haven’t been wearing them except for some countryside work.

Aren’t these rain boots pretty? I like the funky colored laces! The problem with shoes is, that I already have too many of them! I thought about making a post with all my shoes but I eventually discarded the idea.. Maybe I’m afraid of this terrific confrontation? There are some pairs I totally love but that need major repairs that would cost almost as much as the shoe itself did and others that were so cheap that I just had to buy them but almost never wore. The thing with pieces you buy but don’t wear is that somewhen in the future you may will. It happened to me to store shirts, coats and other things for ages and then suddenly falling in love with them again! And how can you throw away a pair of shoes that faithfully accompanied you through parties in the forest, metal concerts and that carry memories of your craziest teenager days?
Well here is a picture of the rain boots that caught my heart: classical but girly

To see where to buy all these boots and look at more pictures read on!

All pictures by we♡it & pinterest

The one with the laces are by Chloé
The ones with the prints are by Chooka.
And last but not least my cuties by Tom Joule

Do you like rain? how about rain boots? stylish or a killer for every outfit?

byebye ねこちゃん :lipstick:

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  1. Living in Southern California, there’s a constant (truly constant) drought. We don’t get much rain and when we do I run around like an idiot splashing and show up to class soaking wet. So while galoshes wouldn’t make practical sense (or even be used) I kind of want some just because they’re so darn adorable!

    • oh Ava you’re lucky to live where you live!! I envy you!! :hehe: although how you mentioned it’s also great to splash and run around in the rain :hai: