How to travel Europe in one day

How to travel Europe in one day

Hello Everyone :hello:

Yesterday I went to the Europapark an amusement park that is located in Germany. My friend said that it would pay off to be there early and since the car ride plus my morning toilet added together take about three and a half hours I had to get up at 5:30 am… The plan was to be there at 9 am when the park opened but as usual (un)predictable things happened. My boyfriend, the only one of us who has a driver’s license, absolutely wanted to try out his driving skills on the german freeway (autobahn) since some (or most?) freeways in Germany don’t have  speed limitation. No, he’s not a racer.. at all! But he had never been on a german freeway before with his car so he was kind of curious about it and ignored the directions that he himself had gathered from google maps and we lost about fourty minutes to get back on the normal road because, as my friend and I tried to tell him but kept falling on deaf ears, there really was no freeway to this place :ghihi:.

Europapark MIR

Anyway we arrived safe and sound shortly before 10 am. I had never been to Europapark before although it seems to be widely known and well visited by the Swiss (as well as by the French). The theme of the park is how it says in the name “Europapark” Europe! The park is huge and split into fifteen different areas, mostly named after European countries or regions such as Italy, France, Great Britain, Russia, Norway, Sweden etc. that all have their typical architecture and dishes. I’m not really used to hypercoaster, rollercoaster, carrousel & co. so the first rides were rather harsh for me but after my hard boiled friend and my boyfriend dragged me on the newest, steepest and fastest one called Blue Fire I could actually enjoy the next ones a little bit more and in the end of the day I was even able to laugh during the ride instead of keeping my eyes closed in hope for an early end :klimper:.

Blue Fire




Blue Fire
haha still can’t believe I went on this one!!



Cotton Candy Lady


Will be back soon with more entries!
byebye ねこちゃん  :ichikeki:

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  1. Wir müssen uns defintiv mal zusammensetzen!! Es finden sich so wenige Menschen mit ähnlichen Interessen –__–” Ich werde berufsmäßig im nächsten halben Jahr viel in Ingolstadt sein, das ist nicht zufällig in deiner Nähe?

    Liebe Grüße aus Wien,


  2. Poor Neko-Chan!

    It’s a typical male thing to ignore the girlfriend’s attempting to assist with directions. My boyfriend does it as well. Something in their genetics.

    Just looking at those rides makes my stomach turn. I have the WEAKEST stomach for those kinds of things and I hate the feeling your stomach gets when you go DOWN on roller coasters. It’s not the visual that frightens me but the physical feeling.

  3. @ Natalie Neumann: Wieso meinst du mit ähnlichen Interessen? ^.^ gehst du gerne auf Achterbahnen? (*^^)Ich komme aus Zürich aber wenn wir mal nach München gehen sag ich dir bescheid! das ist ja nicht all zu weit weg von Ingolstadt..

    @ Eden-Avalon: Oh, well ghihihi very interesting comportment :nope:…And YES!! it’s the same here with the physical feeling!! it scares me sooo much!! not only my stomach feels strange the whole body is under pressure I think because of the gravity.. it feels so strange!! :ohno: but after one day I got used to it..:hehe:

  4. It is so much fun to visit Europapark. We usually go when it is open for 24 hours (the special day is only once a year).
    But walking, waiting and eating all day is quite exhausting!

    Hope you had some warm sunshine in Germany. In Switzerland it was neither cold nor hot… sometimes it was sunny and suddenly we had rain. weird weather…

  5. @ Miho-chan: Oh I didn’t know about the 24 hours special :hehe: that would be so cool to see the park by night! I was really exhausted at the feet were hurting and the next day I felt all stiff :ghihi: The weather was ok.. :smile:

  6. Haha, nice to read how you experienced it :)
    The first time I was there I had the exact same feelings.

    And in general Autobahn has no speed limit, unless stated otherwise (mosly 120 or 130 at busy junctions).

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