Horror, Obento & forever 21

Horror, Obento & forever 21
Hey dearies :swirlheart:
I’m sorry for the lag of posts but I spent the whole weekend watching horror movies. After my polyvore discovery and hours (if not days) of creating templates and sets I was in the mood for some serious horror and my kind of addictive personality made me watch I can’t even remember how many movies in two days.. yes, this happens sometimes. But now I’m back! Today a package arrived for me, my first forever 21 order! But since I manly ordered cute socks I don’t know if it’s even worth to show it to you..ok, ok I’ll quickly make a picture of it :tongue:

I’m so in love with the cute key covers :blinkheart: The delivery was swift but pretty expensive. It’s probably ok, if you buy a lot but the content of this box has almost the same value as the shipping so for me it wasn’t a good deal. Anyway, what I wanted to show you today is my newest Obento!

What I like about this Obento is that it hasn’t too many ingredients. I spare you a picture of my fridge but I can tell you that it’s almost empty. I have to admit that when I started preparing this Obento I didn’t think that in the end it would look so colorful. But once again, it’s the details that make an Obento look fresh and cute.
Some days ago a very nice Japanese lady who reads my blog made an Obento for her daughter with Rilakkuma Inari. When I asked her if her daughter ate the cute bears she answered, yes, but that she didn’t like the flavour of cheese together with the Inari zushi and where she’s right, she’s right. So I thought about something to substitute the cheese and took pickled ginger instead. I’m so happy about the remark of that little girl! I like it a lot more with ginger than with cheese and ham. Also I think that with ginger it looks more natural.

This Obento consists mainly of rice but there is also okra, chilli, carrots, fishballs, ginger, tofu and two dumplings. It’s not so visible but between the two Inari zushi pouches there is a bamboo skewer with fishballs and fried tofu. The pink sakura flowers are made of Gari, pickled ginger. I didn’t take me much time to prepare the rice and the vegetables. I cut the carrot in thin slices and stir-fried them with a little sesame oil, garlic and ginger and used the same pan to stir-fry the okra with some chilli. The rice was quickly done because I made only one cup.

To see more pictures, read on!

This my sounds crazy but I like preparing Obento with only a few ingredients. If the choice is too big it’s more difficult to decide what to use. Often it’s the details that make an Obento look good. I hope to be back soon but I can’t promise it :totorosmile:

byebye ねこちゃん :lipstick:

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  1. Congrats on the forever 21 order! Their shipping does tend to be expensive. Did you order from overseas? Or are there forever 21s in europe as well?

    Aww! That teddybear is so adorable! The little sakura flowers add a very delicate touch. I’m glad that even people in japan are recognizing your talent with the obento!

    • Tanks Ava! To be honest I didn’t check if there are European online stores… I think Japanese people appreciate my Obento because usually there is something Japanese in it! It’s almost never purely Wetsern :tongue:

  2. Did you watch any japanese films? In my opinion, if you really want to look a sceary horror film, you should watch a japanese, korean or chinese one. They are so creepy than the European movies >o<

    The pink sakura flowers in your Bento is so cute, very lovely with the little black Goma.

    ねこちゃん, I found some blog sites about japanese food, maybe it's interesting for you, may it gives you new inspiration:



    • Oh yes, I know pretty much every Asian/Japanese horro movie :youreweird: From Old Boy and Ichi the Killer to suicide club and One missed call… Lets say I’ve seen a lot.. :nope:

      Thanks for the links! I’ll definitely check them out!

  3. *haha* the F21 key covers are SO cute! *_* :swirlheart:
    actually I have that “addictive personality” too … when I’m hooked on a tv series or e-manga I can’t stop watching it even if it means watching the whole night long… XD”
    Your Obentos always look so yummy, next week I’ll start classes and I’ll see if I can make some Obento, too ^_^

    • Oh yes, this sounds awful familiar ghihihi… and thank your for your nice compliment!

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