Yakimiso & Tuna-mayo Onigiri

Yakimiso & Tuna-mayo Onigiri
Hello everybody! :hello:
Today’s lunch was quite delicious. The best Onigiri so far!!! I don’t know why, maybe it was just the right constellation of everything. So now I try to explain the best I can what we did..
-Rice (short grained), -Rice Vinegar, -Spring Onions, -Miso, -Sake, -Salt, -Sesame Oil, -Tuna, -Mayo (Japanese), -Wasabi


For 2 people, we used 2 cups of rice. Use a ricecooker! You don’t need an expensive japanese one, there are a lot of more affordable ones.
:sprout: Rinse the rice under running water until the water is mostly clear. After the rice is cooked, loosen (mix) the rice, close the ricecooker again and leave it for another 15 mins (ca). Spread the rice on a plate, pour some rice vinegar over it, add some salt and mix again.

:sprout: Yakimiso: Chop the spring onions in fine pieces and mix the Miso paste with Sake. The texture has to be creamy (not too liquid). Add the spring onions and stir again.

:sprout: Tuna-Mayo: Open the canned tuna, press out the oil or water and put the tuna into a small bowl. Add some Mayonese and a little bit of Wasabi and mix well!! (the texture has to be creamy and flaky!!)
:sprout: Form the riceballs with your hands or put the rice in a Onigiri molder. If you form the rice with your hands, make sure to moisten your hands with water before touching the rice. Common are triangle shaped Onigiri but you can form them the way you like!
While forming the riceballs, press your thumb in the middle of it to make some space to put the Tuna-Mayo in it (make sure the Tuna-Mayo gets coated evenly with rice). If you use the shaper, put some of the Tuna-mayo between the two layers of rice before forming it.
:sprout: Heat up a small amount of seasame oil in a pan and use a brush to spread the Negi-misopaste on one side of the triangle (or whatever you have formed). Put the riceballs with the Negi-miso paste coated side on the pan with the sesame oil and coat the other side. Watch out not to burn them !(too much)! ..it happens quickly!!! The paste should get golden brown but not black! Turn and coat them again (turn & coat them as many times you want) until both sides get golden-brown then take them out.
:sprout: Now wrap some Nori around the Tuna-Mayo Onigiri. We usually cut the seaweed into tringles and wrap them around the triangle-shaped Onigiri by leaving out one edge. For the Yakimiso Onigiri we just used a stripe of Nori and folded it from one side to the other around the Onigiri so you can hold and eat it without any rice sticking to your fingers.
Assort them on a nice plate & enjoy them!! Itadakimasu~



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