Hiro Takahashi

Hiro Takahashi
Hey ladies! :heartame:
Thank you for all your attentive and sweet comments on my last entry! It’s really amazing how much you wrote and I appreciate it so much that you actually took the time to write back such encouriging words! I’m sitting on my couch watching New Girl and listening to some alphorn music that seems to come from the restaurant across the street while writing this entry. On my left I have some trusty Neocitran (hot liquid medicine for the relief of symptoms associated with a Cold or Flu) and on my right a pile of Tempo handkerchiefs. Yes, Ive got a cold… My running nose however, didn’t keep me from endulging in sweet temptations. Hiro Takahashi is a Japanese baker located in Adlwiswil, a small city not too far away from Zurich. I think the first time I came across one of his pastries was at our local Japanese grocery store Nishi. But enough said, take a look for yourselves~

Although the Portuguese had introduced bread a long time before, the modernization of Japanese food culture started only after the Meiji Restoration and bread became popular as a breakfast food in the 1960s. Traditional carbohydrate foods have been largely supplanted by bread, which school-lunch programs made popular. These programs served bread made from American flour to schoolchildren. The flour had been received as food aid during the postwar food shortage. Today, about 30 percent of the adult population eats bread for breakfast, but very few people eat bread at lunch or dinner. source

To see the eatable artworks, read on~ :happy:

omg just look at that fluffiness! This is what makes Japanese pans so delicious~ :tanoshii: matcha & black sesame filling

Crazy neko with running nose impulsively bought a whole bunch of yummy pans and Silvankun is very happy about it. :ghihi: It’s Takahashisan who told us about the Japan Matsuri in Geneva that took place yesterday and although it was quite short dated, we decided to go and are really happy we did so because there were really amazing performances! But I think its mainly because of the humanoid robot ASIMO that Silvankun wanted to go:tongue: he was so cute!!! I will show you the pictures of the matsuri in a later entry. I have so many things to share with you guys right now but absolutely no time to blog about it… so mean! Anyway, I’ll try to work harder in the first half of the week so I can blog in the second part. Stay tuned pumpkins~


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  1. I’m glad you feel better about blogging :raburabu:
    And aww this makes me miss (at least) melonpan so much :sigh: I want to read about the Matsuri~
    By the way, is your first language French ?

  2. Japanese sweets are all really fuwa fuwa! I don’t have a sweet tooth though.
    OMG I wanna see ASIMO! Please can you publish a foto of it?

  3. I love Japanese cakes and breads. In fact I much prefer Asian style cakes and sweets more than Western ones – they’re much fluffier! These look so yummy and so do the non-edible ones too haha!

  4. :x: OMFGGGG.. If I’d ever buy something like those I’d just stare at it forever :rabukuma: I can’t believe I’m getting hungry over those towel stuffs. haha

    I’m so used to rice that I don’t even consider bread as breakfast. lol. I can categorize it as “snack or dessert” but when it comes to breakfast, I won’t be satisfied until I have rice. :hai:

  5. おいしそう :ii: :ichikeki:
    Bubble tea, Cupcake Affair, Takahashi, Miyuko – you can be happy to live near Zurich, surrounded by such cool stores! Lucerne is a bit more old-fashioned when it comes to this subject.

    Oh~ I have seen the amazing Matcha cake at the Bazaar in Zug – unfortunately I noticed it too late, so they were sold out quickly :oh: You made the right choice :aiyo: Looks yummy! (But they are quite pricy – don’t you think so?)

    I wish you a speedy recovery! Now it’s cold and flu season >.< I still have migraines :x:

  6. :hionigiri: Glad to see that you are back to your happy self :ballerina: even though you catch a cold :bang: Hopefully you feel better soon! I am normally not a big fan of dessert (only like the chocolaty one) but your dessert photos sure make me want to try some even the non-eatable ones! Take care :aiai:

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