Healthy Obento & Memories

Healthy Obento & Memories


I just wanted to say Thank You to Sara Mari for posting about my giveaway on her amazing blog but also to all the others who joined the giveaway!

And now to the topic: this was my lunch for today, my 4th Obento!

cute Obento

Since I’m kind of on a diet I was so hungry at lunch time that I didn’t had the patience to cut out more cute faces and stuff. There are a lot of vegetables but also a bit of cheese, pita bread, crispbread and two pieces of Herring put between the crispbread with a little Ricotta and cucumber.


Rapini (or Broccoli Rabe)


Cucumber (pickled and fresh)

Pita Bread & Crispbread

Cottage Cheese, Feta & Ricotta


Feta (although mine is lowfat) and Herring are quite nutritious but I used them in small amounts. I somehow have to get through the schoolday without a grim face and a stomach that growls all the time so I can’t only eat vegetables. If you have any questions about the preparation or the Ingredients don’t hesitate to ask me! :smile:

Here some closeups:

cute Obento

cute Obento

Today I had my last exam (French grammar & literature ) before “spring break”. Although I wouldn’t call it this way because for me it only lasts ten days! :ohno: Anyway, I’m looking forward to it because I’m visiting Berlin! My friend Sophie who’s actually living in Canada is staying there for a couple of months and we thought it would be a great opportunity to see each other again. We met in Japan while working on a farm where we had a lot of fun :hehe:

This is the place where we lived and worked in Japan:




If I find the time before I leave for Berlin I’ll try to make an Easter themed Obento and post about it. I hope you enjoyed reading and that it wasn’t too teasing to show you the Obento pictures :wink: Of course I will let you know how Berlin was and upload some pictures!
byebye  ねこちゃん  :lipstick:

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  1. Cute little tomatoes are smiling! xD

    The last picture: are these the yummy japanese fruit called “Kaki” ?? *__*

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