Happy poppin’ V-day!

Happy poppin’ V-day!
Hey there Lovebirdies! :heartame:
I know, Valentine’s day is almost over but here’s something for my lovely Readers. :ii:

I drew this with the Paper53 app again. I kind of got used to the fact that you have to draw with your fingers and I even got more colors now. Don’t know why cake pops came to my mind but lately they’ve been everywhere in the Blogosphere. So Valentine’s day seemed like a perfect excuse to try doing them myself. If I had to tell you which step is the most fun, I would tell you that every step is! From baking the cake and crumbling it afterwards to choosing the different coatings and sprinkles there’s nothing about the procedure that isn’t fun. :raburabu:

Cake Pops

I baked these with my Valentine (his second name actually really is Valentin :miam: ) and now I’m sharing them with you.
We didn’t do anything special except of baking cake pops but I’ve never been an exemplary Valetine’s day reveler anyway. We only came back yesterday evening from our stay in a cottage with Silvakun’s friends and lots of snowboarding again. After almost two months university will start again on monday. I’m a little bit excited and curious but also slightly scared. Oh, I didn’t tell you yet but I passed the first semester! :iida: It took them ages to give out the results but now it’s finally official. Nevertheless I still have to book the classes for this semester but I haven’t decided yet.. :jupp:

If you care for the recipe, let me know! It’s really simple though and you can find them anywhere. The next entry will finally be about Milan, or at least a part of it. :totorosmile:
Lots of love and see you real soon. :on:


PS: There was so much dough that we did cake pops also today! :ghihi: And now we’re giving them away because they’re too many.. the chocolate ones are the best~ :tanoshii:

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  1. I really love seeing the illustrations that you do with Paper53, they’re so good especially considering you’re doing everything with your fingers! The cake pops look so cute and really tasty, too :) Happy Valentine’s Day!

  2. Für mich gab’s nur “jibun choco” dieses Jahr. Ist eh die beste Schokolade! *g*

    Die Schoki in den Fotos sieht aber auch echt lecker aus! ^__^

  3. Uwaahhh, sieht das lecker aus *__________* <3 Hast du echt toll hingekriegt! Ich backe ja auch total gerne, … sind die schwer zum backen? x3

  4. :hionigiri:
    Oh Neko, I wish I live
    near you so that I can
    taste these popcakes
    and the bento’s you make!
    Happy Valentine c:


  5. Omgosh, those cake pops are so adorable and yummy looking! Do post a recipe for it if you can and perhaps a tutorial? I’d love to learn how to make some! :omnom:

  6. Oh waw, they look so perfect! I wish I was more of a cooking queen! Unfortunately the result of my cooking disaster is still standing next to me :ghihi:

  7. wow deine Cake-Pops sehen super aus! :) Richtig hübsch verziert!

    und danke für deinen lieben Kommetar! :)

    Ich mag deinen Blog sehr, er ist so anders ^^

    Lieben Gruß – Gretchen :)

  8. HI ねこちゃん、did you make these cake pops? Looks amazing and yummy! Also your illustration is super pretty. You said you used app (not a hand drawing?) I’m pretty behind of those and always make by hand. Both looks amazing! xo akiko
    Style Imported

  9. These cake pops look so fun and adorable! Unfortunately, I tried making them before and failed miserably. :(

  10. Omgsh, I want to make some cake pops now – these look SOOOO good! :)
    Also, you have such an adorable blog girl. Count me as your newest follower on Bloglovin <3

    Trendy Teal

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