Happy Birthday Helvetia

Happy Birthday Helvetia
Hello there World! :bling:
Today is Swiss National Day so Happy 721th Birthday to old lady Helvetia and to another rich and wealthy year in your life. At the end of the middle ages, in 1291, some lonely guys from three cantons got together and with an oath the old Swiss confederacy was born. The people living in this regions were called Helvetii, a Celtic tribe described by no other than Julius Caesar. And Helvetia is what the men from the three cantons expected to find in their country: fertility and defense against foreign powers. She’s therefore often depicted as beautiful woman holiding a spear in her right an a shield in her left hand.
In the old days, the Swiss were fighting all over Europe. Not for their country, but for everybody who had enough money to hire them, like the French king for example.

After many battles in which Swiss soldiers from one side killed Swiss soldiers from the other side, the Swiss decided to close them self up in neutrality and become a safety deposit box for the world’s money. And that’s how we got rich but that’s an other story… :youreweird:

The pictures are from the anime series Heidi, Girl of the Alps (アルプスの少女ハイジ). Do you know it? I think they captured the landscapes pretty well!

Every first of August, there are explosions from the fireworks and the air is filled with the scent of grilled sausages and marinated meat. I wish I could tell you about what awesome grill party I’m having, but I’m just enjoying the fireworks from my living room window. :sigh:

I’ll be back at the beginning of September guys!


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  1. Known around the globe for wealth, neutrality and awesome chocolate. You guys really had the right idea! ;)
    Hope you’re having a good time sweetie! xxx

  2. Oh I liked the way you explained a bit about Swiss history, since I’m a Brit, I know nothing – so interesting! I would like to visit some day, it seems like a lovely country to visit!

  3. @ Maisy & Winnie! awww thank you for your sweet and funny comments! I’m happy you enjoyed this little piece of history! :klimper: You should absolutely visit!! I would show you everything :miam:

  4. :hionigiri: Love the great little swiss history story!! And I love to watch anime very much, I love especially Miyazaki Hayao’s animes. His anime captured the beauty of nature so well :)


  5. ねこちゃん、I enjoyed reading your post and leaning an interesting history of Swiss! I had no idea about the holiday, but I loved アルプスの少女ハイジ and watched it on TV as a kid and wish I could visit the beautiful country some day. Hopefully soon :) Thank you so much for your comment of my giveaway. So happy! xo akiko
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  6. It was good to read something about Swiss history, I hope I can even visit the country one day… I had holiday in the Alps this summer, though, but in Austria.
    Heidi is such a cute story, sadly I haven’t seen the anime but read the book and watched several film versions :)

  7. Thank you for the brief but interesting history :D There are so many places in the world that I wanna see :) Ah, if only~
    I bet the fireworks were lovely!

  8. Hey Very interesting!;)

    In fact i am from Switzerland, not far from where the show takes place. At the moment i live in californi, santa barbara and am studying art history. Due to that, i am taking a japanese anime and manga history class. There i have to write a finall paper, which i decided to write about Heidi,the mountain girl. More precise, i exactly am gona focus on miyazaki’s highly realistic depiction of the scenery including architectural details and landscapes, in addition to the anime’s successful adoption of the original book by Johanna Spyri for the 19th century.

  9. Hey there :)
    What a coincidence, I just started studying east asian art history this summer! I would love to read your papare :catexclam: Must be so interesting and fun writing about Miyazaki’s scenery!

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