Fukuro Bento

Fukuro Bento
Hi there! :hionigiri:
I called it owl Bento but actually they turned out looking more like hybrids between penguins and owls.. I hope that when I start with university in mid september I can do more bento again!

I was so happy today when I walked into the Japanese grocery store (Nishi) and saw that they had Narutomaki (なると巻き)! Narutomaki is that cute pink & white spiral made of Kamaboko (processed seafood) that is often seen swimming around in Ramen bowls. I avoid going to the Japanese grocery store too frequently because I always end up buying way too many things but this time I restrained myself and only bought rice, Narutomaki, Edamame, Renkon (lotus root) and Takuan (pickled radish). :bling:
The idea of making a Bento with owls came to me shortly before falling asleep… Some time ago I had seen pictures of Bento with penguins and I liked them a lot so I wanted to do one myself but suddenly my head started evolving the penguins to owls. So I gave it a try but as usual it’s far away from what I had in mind. :ghihi:

In the upper container there’s fried fish with mayonnaise, parsley & lemon and Taromochi with prune as dessert. The other one is filled with rice.. Inarizushi tastes always sooo good! I decorated the sweet tofu pouches with some corn, radish and parsley and set the owlpenguins on a bed of rocket, renkon & radish (wow, what awesome alliteration :nope: ..). It’s important to me that a Bento contains at least a fewtraditionalingredients. This time it’s the yellow pickled radish (Takuan) and Narutomaki!

I’ll be off to Italy for the next days but I’m going to take pictures of yummy Italian food and beautiful things to share with you cuties~ We have lots of vegetables that need to be harvested and after that I’ll grant myself some days at the sea. :klimper:
Enjoy the weekend! :rabukuma:


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    • Danke Lou :tanoshii: hmmm die Ideen kommen hauptsächlich so beim zubereiten der verschiedenen Zutaten aber ich hab da schon auch meine Inspirationsquellen :iida:
      Wenn du interessiert bist kannst du ja mal die Links anklicken:
      Shizuoka Gourmet (sehr authentisch und unglaublich schön… werden auch von einer Japanerin für ihren Mann gemacht :)

      Happy Little Bento (soooo liebevoll gemacht und sehr ästhetisch!)

      Bento Zen (simpel & sehr süss :)

  1. what a cute obento :)
    have fun in italy! looking forward to the pictures♪
    i wish i could go somewhere warm too {{(>.<)}}

  2. Thank you :miam: I can’t imagine warm and good weather in Italy… :crying: in Switzerland it’s already cooooold!!

  3. Radieschen! Ich hab schon so lange keine mehr gegessen.
    Frag mich sowieso, ob’s die in Japan überhaupt gibt. Hab bisher noch nie welche gesehen! :(

  4. Wow, your bento looks amazing!! I really like your penguin(!!)-owl hybrid. It’s adorable. :)
    Did you read guides or anything when you first started bento making? Or was it all just you? Either way, you’re so talented!

  5. Your bentos are always so beautiful!!! And you always use the space really well. But it’s true that your owls look a bit like penguins XD
    I love takuan!

  6. @ モモネーコ☆ : ありがとう~ :baburukeki:

    @ rabbitcancook: thank you! :jupp:

    @ zoomingjapan: ich hab in Japan vorwiegend Daikon gegessen aber es gibt noch ganz viel andere… ~~~> click :happy:

    @ Xixia: thank you :nekopaw: I came across bento only after my stay in Japan but I can’t remember where… maybe I saw it in an Anime?! anyway… I looked at many pictuers of Bento on google and decided to start making bentonmyself :) in the reply above to Lou I shared some links where I find my inspiration! :klimper:

    @ Piperita Patty: Grazie! :ballerina:

  7. Ahh how I missed your blog! That is a very beautiful bento.. almost too nice to be eaten hehe. Hope you’re well Neko-chan!

  8. Dein Bento ist wieder so richtig kaweii. Ich habe da ja leider nicht immer die Ideen. Übrigens bin ich gerade aus Italien zurückgekommen, das Wetter ist dort genial, wir hatten am Donnerstag 38 Grad – schön warm.
    Lieben Gruß Danii

  9. yummm your bentos always look so appetizing! You really inspire me to make them for myself so I must thank you for that! I hope you always continue to post your bentos. :)

  10. Your bento are always such a good mix of new and old styles, I love them. This one in particular really tempts me both visually and in the edible sense!

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