Fruity Fresh Popsicles~

Fruity Fresh Popsicles~
Recently I’ve been craving fruits and that’s a good thing, especially since you can make so many delicious things with them! Actually I’m not a sweet tooth at all and I prefer salty dishes over sweet things but who can say no to such colorful and healthy temptations?!
I remember how we used to do popsicles as kids by simply putting a spoon into a yoghurt or a sweet beverage and let it freeze over night. It’s so simple, isn’t it? If you don’t like to eat whole fruits, this is an excellent and yummy way to get your daily ration of fruits :on:

The practical thing is that you can use whatever fruits you like. Cherries, melon, peach, lime, strawberries, raspberries, peppermint, cranberries, grapes – there is no limit to your imagination and with a little bit of luck you’ll find just the right combination of fruits for you. We used melon, red currant and raspberries. The melon was really sweet and ripe so it turned out delicious. I also added a few peppermint leafs and three Goji berries just for fun.. :totorosmile:

To be honest, I’m much more the classical ice cream type but milky ice cream is such a calorie bomb! Raspberries and especially red currant can be rather sour though so I added a little bit of cane sugar to sweeten it up a little bit. :miam:
What do you like better, ice cream or popsicles? And what is your favourite flavour? I like yoghurt, wild berries, hazelnut and Matcha flavoured ice creams… and of course, home-made popsicles! :bling:

#nyaaa# dopey looking neko once more… but I’ve actually got a tan! yay!

I know that you’re keen on food porn so the next entry will satisfy you for sure… yummy and easy summer recipes (not mine though) with cute illustrations!

I’ll be back soon Cutie-pies :nekopaw:


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  1. how come everything you made look so good. I’m so envy!
    everything look so perfect, teach me teach me :raburabu:

    miss you :on:

  2. Oh boy I WUV popsicles! They’re so cool and refreshing on a hot summers day and the colours are always bright and cheery. I’ll definitely be making a few this summer! (if it decides to stop raining in the UK dammit!)

  3. The melon ones remind me of cucumber+lime+chili powder pops, which I love during hot weather! Oh…and the peach…and …raspberry…and…..(okay all of them) look delicious. Honestly, I like both but I am rarely in the MOOD for both. I enjoy sweets, of all flavors. But when it comes to fruit popsicles I tend to prefer slightly tangy flavors (peach, strawberry) and cool refreshing flavors (cucumber, coconut).

  4. Super Idee, gerade an heißen Tagen kann ich mir gut vorstellen, dass das eine sehr leckere Erfrischung ist. Besonders die Farben von dem Kirsch-Limetten-Eis und dem mit Feigen sind genial. Wenn ich nur so gut wie Du fotografieren könnte *g* :jumpingrabbit:

  5. :hello: -squeals- cats everywhere!! Usually people call me neko chan, but I guess this title should be given to your adorable blog :) I love fruits and I’m more of a popsicle, fruity sweet person. I don’t really like creamy ice cream as much ( I know, it’s weird T_T ).

    Why are you teasing us with deliciousness T__T; Beautiful tan btw :)

  6. They look yummy! Homemade is always the best :whistle:

    I don’t really have a preference between icecream or iceblocks, I think they’re both great to eat :iida:

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