From Zero to Hero

From Zero to Hero
Yestarday I went to town to buy some makeup. Since my face isn’t very tanned anymore and lately I haven’t been caring too much for my skin it started too look kind of exhausted and unbalanced. I tend to have minor spots that I use to maltreat until they bleed and form a crust. It sounds gross and I know that it is… anyway it’s needless to say that I’m not feeling to good about my skin lately so yesterday in an impulsive act I went straight to the MAC store and bought this:

It’s not that I finished up all my makeup but I felt like I needed something new. This may sounds strange for you, but I never used foundation before! I used to cover up all my skin blemishes (like spots or dark rings under the eyes) with biotherm’s “Forget it” concealer. I think it’s pretty good and a tube lasts forever! But all good things come eventually to an end and so I had to go and buy a new tube only to hear that ironically biotherm has not only removed my faithful “Multi Recharge” cream gel from their products list no, they also stopped producing makeup (for one year now!). I think it’s pretty lame that all the products I really liked, disappeared so I thought “screw you biotherm” and went over to MAC. Besides the biotherm concealer I use two different cream blushes from bobbi brown which I like a lot! My first bobbi brown haul was in Kyoto and I still remember how excited I was! But back to the real topic: MAC

My initial idea was to let a lady from the MAC store match my skin tone but I finished up buying a foundation, a blush and two brushes. The lady was just about to start painting my face with the NW 20 foundation when she asked me “you’re not wearing anything, right?” and I said “oh yes, yes, actually I am!”.. so then she told me to wipe the makeup off with a moist towel and afterwards started applying the foundation. When she finished I looked at the mirror and my thought was “wow”! I was pale as a swiss cheese but the color was the right one and my skin looked flawless. Unfortunately I didn’t pay attention to how she applied the foundation or how much she used and I’m already regretting it. Anyway, I think this first foundation I now own will definitely change my makeup habits! On the picture below you see me wearing MAC’s powder blush called “Frankly Scarlet

As you can see, one of the pictures is with warm and the other with cold light. Although the blush is very pigmented I had to apply it two or three times to make it visible since I didn’t use the nikon but my computer to take the pictures. The color is pretty strong and I’m having quite some difficulties to take the right amount of powder with the new brush but I’ll hopefully get used to it. :nyan: The other brush I bought is for the foundation.

It’s a really fresh pink tone and I absolutely like it! The amount I used on the picture above is not the amount I would wear normally but I wanted to show you how the color looks when it’s fully applied. I really have to say that it’s true what they write and say about MAC, it keeps what it promises! Below you can see the amount I wear for a day at school on the right side and the amount I used for the pictures to show you the “true” color:

I’m pretty sure this is not going to be the first and only MAC haul! I’m so excited to finally own something from MAC myself and can’t wait to improve my makeup skills :starlove: ..although it’s a loooong way ahead..

byebye ねこちゃん :lipstick:

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  1. Mi hai letto nella mente!! Anche io domani vado a Firenze per rifarmi il look, diciamo :) ho cercato a lungo i prodotti della MAC, ma in Italia non si trovano spesso.. anche la mia pelle ha bisogno di un po’ più di cure ^_^”

  2. che coincidenza! :happy: non sapevo che non ci sono i prodotti della MAC in Italia!! Ma se vai a Firenze troverai quello che vuoi..

  3. WOW!

    First of all, i’m really impressed you went with Frankly Scarlet. I haven’t bought it yet because it’s definitely one of their harder blushes to apply. It’s quite a striking red. It looks beautiful against your gorgeous porcelain skin.

    I don’t know if your counter is the same but one day when you just feel like buying a lipstick – bring all your other things too and be honest! Tell them you don’t know how to apply it and ask if they can give you a mini lesson. (You could probably also just write down what you own and they will use the testers there.)

    I’ll write an article about it later but my favorite way to apply foundation right now is with MAC’s 187 “Duo Fiber” brush. You apply it using a stippling motion (bouncing the brush up and down.) Another good investment for the foundation would be to buy the pump. They can get a bit expensive at the counter ($6USD I believe) but they last a long time and hardly ever break. It helps to get the right amount of foundation on.

    I would say, if you’re pouring it on the back of your hand before you brush it on, only use a dime sized amount. A little goes a long way!

    :D You…are so grown up now. I want to shed a tear.

    • I was sooo excited to read what you think of my MAC products!!
      Yeah.. Frankly Scarlet.. I really don’t know why I never stick to basics.. I always have to get the weirdest things :nope: Yesterday I applied it again and it worked much better though the idea to go to the MAC store and ask them to show it to me is just great! lol.. I don’t even know the name of the brushes I purchased.. I’m very curious about your brush review! I can imagine that the stippling motion together with this brush (I looked it up) works wonder!

      Fortunately the MAC lady was considerate enough to give me the pump..

      Thanks for all the information Ava!! It’s all thanks to you that I’m grown up now :jumpingrabbit:

  4. :hirabbit: è da un po’ che non tornavo :D Giusto per sapere, che fondotinta hai comprato? Anche io ne ho preso uno alla MAC (meno male c’è un MAC store a Firenze!! :wink: ), e volevo sapere come ti trovavi, magari è lo stesso :D io ho preso il mineralize satin finish SPF 15. E’ un po’ ”brillantinoso” però ho la pelle tendenzialmente secca e mi hanno detto che quello opaco me l’avrebbe seccata ancora di più. Poi volevo chiederti quanto hai pagato quei fantastici pennelli da trucco :D byebye ! :blinkheart:

    • Ciao Bianca! Allora, io ho preso il fondo tinto “studio fix” NW20. Copre molto bene e non brilla. Io ho la pelle mista.. Il prezzo dei pennelli non me lo ricordo più comunque erano abbastanza cari..(vivo in Svizzera..)Mi convince solo quello per il fondo tinta l’altro perde. Con il fondo tinta sono molto felice! E tu con il tuo?

  5. Sìsì mi trovo bene :D però dato che non è opaco devo stare attenta a quanto ne metto e a che fard metto sopra ^^” Penso che per il fondotinta comprerò il ‘Bamboo Brush’ della ELF, la conosci come marca? Non vende nei negozi ma solo su internet, è economica e ha buoni prodotti :)

    aaah forse vengo a Ginevra a novembre :DD spero tanto di sì!

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