Friday shopping

Friday shopping

Hey Everyone!

It’s been three days now with beautiful weather!! Although I’m enjoying it I hope there is still some snow left for snowboarding!! I am really looking forward to get some sun in the mountains! :halloween:

I’m not that much of a shopper but with the beautiful and warm weather I had to leave my good black coat at home and think about what to wear under it.. During the wintertime I normally don’t care too much about what to wear under the coat because no one sees it! I normally also don’t like shopping H&M but that day I found some nice (not fantastic!! how else could it be..) pieces. I also bought at La Redoute This weather made me think about the summer and I couldn’t resist to look out for new bikinis (yes I know it’s crazy!!! but the last two years I bought them at the last moment before leaving for the summer holidays so the assortment was very limited and I hadn’t much of a choice there…yet I liked them in the end) (●⌒∇⌒●) Last but not least I acquired new make-up! Not a lot but two important parts: Pot Rouge for Lips & Cheeks + Touch Up Stick

Here some pictures:



I got the perfume-exemplaries while my boyfriend bought the birthdaypresent for his brother! The lady in the shop was so nice and gave me these :aiai:  they smell delicious!!! She guessed right with her choice!!!

Here my H&M purchases:


The Elephant necklace  & The snowflakes are just decoration I added with an application on my mobilephone ^.^




Some examples of accessoires that I would choose to wear with the new tops. I got the red purse at a flea market abot two years ago and it’s one of my favourites.



The hair tie is from a shop in Japan.. I love it so much!!


Don’t you think  the cat-purse is awesome ?  It’s pretty small and you can’t fill it with many things.. but there is space for the essentials (^_^;) It’s not really visible but it’s made out of tiny glass beads!!
We also went shopping for some comics and as I saw this shirt in the store I immediately fell in love with it!!!

The cherry on the right side is a hair clip..
On this picture it’s not visible but actually her hair is full with cute cats  ^.^ I will post a complete picture later..
If you have any questions where to buy the items just ask!!
I hope it was fun going through the pictures!
Will be back soon !

byebye ねこちゃん

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