First Obento

First Obento


We decided to use up everything that was in our fridge…

After one week without going to a supermarket and infernal studying I came up with the idea to prepare our first Obento. All that was left on vegetables were some carrots, potatoes and frozen spinach. I remembered a recipe from wokblog with thin-striped and stir-fried potatoes. I had nerver tried to cook potatoes this way but happily they turned out delicious !

Cute Obento

The Obento – box was a present for my birthday :boxkitten:

This Obento consists of:

– Onigiri (Tuna-mayo)

– Cedar-cloud spinach & carrots

– Mapleleaf-kiwii

– Chinese Potatoestripes

– Rice


I will write something about the Potatoestripes later.. :sleep:

My exams will begin tomorrow.. I have a pretty lousy conscience because I haven’t studied.. well enough…

but we’ll see .. (^^;)


byebye  ねこちゃん

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  1. It looks really cute and well arranged.
    I never tried to decorate it like this even though I still have the bentobox I got while visiting Japan with my parents when I was a child. It sits in my drawer and never sees daylight, but I guess I should give it a try :victory:
    how did you shape the carrot and spinach into these forms?
    was it delicious? it surely looks delicious, did it taste like that?


  2. Thanks! wow 1. comment ;) for the spinach and carrots I simply used the vegetable shaper..
    The spinach was a little bland.. but the rest was o.k. especially the potatoe-stripes and the onigiris :bird:

    byebye nekochan

  3. Great looking meal – have you tried putting a little nutmeg on the spinach? It gives it more flavour.

  4. @ vegri: Thank You! No I haven’t I just put some sesame on it..but I will try it the next time I use spinach :hehe:

  5. Hi! I’m wondering about how you usually make your rice- do you do it the day before? Does Japanese rice keep in the freezer? It seems amazing you always have onigiri ready!

    • Hello! I use a rice cooker and prepare the rice the same day. It takes about 20-30min. for two cups of rice and in the meanwhile you can prepare the other ingredients. I’ve never tried to store rice in a freezer but you can try! :rabukuma:

    • PS: I think you only fresh rice works for Onigiri… especially since the rice needs to be hot/warm to bring it in shape.

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