it’s done! has found a new home. It took me quite some time to change everything like I wanted it but with a little help from Silvan-kun I finally got what I want! (or lets say almost). It’s not that I didn’t like my previous blogging software b2evolution but I was missing some more options an thereby decided to move to wordpress. Since I’m not used to wordpress yet it still scares me off a little bit but I hope I will soon get used to it. All in all it’s well organized and clear and I’m happy to have moved! If there are any problems with something please let me know!

Kawashima Kotori I wonder what flavour it is

I’ll be back soon with new entries!

byebye ねこちゃん :lipstick:

edit: oh my gosh! this was my 100th post!

6 Responses

  1. it’s nice to “get some fresh air” for your blog – isn’t it :wink:

    and omedetou to your 100th post! :nyanyan:

    the girl is sooo かわいい :swirlheart:

  2. I often have that flavour in my ice cream! Here in Italy it’s called ”Puffo”, that means ”Smurf”, because it is blue like the Smurfs. (:

    • You know, I was thinking of the same thing when I looked at the picture! “gusto puffo”.. but it could also be calpis… a japanese beverage that is very popular and is maybe also used to make ice..