Fairytale beds & weird things

Fairytale beds & weird things
Soooo I’m back already! Actually I hadn’t thought about an entry like this but since the pictures are piling up and I really wanted to share some of them with you I’m going to make a pretty random post about my visit to IKEA today… :baloonpanda:

I’m not a huge ikea fan but its always fun strolling around the perfectly furnished mini rooms. And since I had my cam with me I started taking some pictures.. (is that even allowed?!) Anyway, my haul (as usual) started when I reached the children’s section & deco stuff… Even if I have some, I don’t like ikea furniture too much. I prefer old furniture I get from my parents or furniture I can find in second hand shops but the things they make for children are pretty cute I think! :bling:

Ok, so the plan was to get a desk and maybe a bed and some other furnishings but I wasn’t truly convinced of any of their furniture so I ended up buying plushies and other small things… like for example a mosquito net! :ohnoo:
It’s completely useless because it has already gotten quite cold in Switzerland but I had one when I was a kid and I hope that I can make my pretty small room with a small bed look more girly with it! Well we’ll see… maybe it will just look ridiculous.. :tongue: I can’t wait to show you a photo of my room when it’s finished!

Read on for some more pics~

Ikea food… it was ok! and the price is unbeatble :nope:


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  1. :hirabbit: Haha, it’s funny to see your IKEA photos now that we’ve just finished redesigning our bedroom… we spent half of the last week in IKEA, buying a new bed and stuff… and I also enjoyed the children section most… it’s a pity we didn’t meet there ;D
    Anyway… looking forward to your new apartment pics… I’ll post mine this week! ^^ :twinkles:

  2. Nothing to do, IKEA furniture is the cheapest…
    When I go there I always get lost in the children and food sections. I always end up buying some unuseful gorgeous stuff XD I’d like to see what you bought!
    I love the idea of the mosquito net! So princessy!
    I took phot too, the last time I went to Ikea, but no one said anything to me, so I guess it’s allowed.

  3. This is really great! I need to work more instead of money to buy ’em :eee: Hahahaha!
    I’m waiting for your new apartment picture :klimper: :jupp: :jupp:
    It would be amazing :bling:

  4. :hionigiri: So sorry for the late reply, went to LA for vacation for 10 days and I just came back awhile ago :) I miss checking out your blog, that’s for sure! I love checking out IKEA little furnished spaces from time to time but like you, I prefer vintage furniture over IKEA’s. I think the mosquito net will definitely add a girly effect to your room for sure!

  5. @ lacosta: wow! can’t wait to see the pics!!! I’m sure you did a great job Laura :tanoshii:

    @ Piperita Patty: it wasn’t cheap enough for me ;) …. unbelievable but true: I found some furniture und a junk pile :hehe: I’m going to show you a picture for sure!

    @ モモ猫: I didn’t have too much money neither so I found some thinks on a pile of junk and just bought deco & children’s stuff :etone:

    @ Ang Lam: Don’t worry honey! I’ve missed you blog entries too but I will get to it right now =) I hope you had a blast in LA and I can’t wait to go to your blog and take a look at your pictures~ :smile: Can’t wit to see what the mosquito net does with my room :D

  6. Hi ねこちゃん! Same here. Ikea furnitures are ok, but not a huge fan. You made them look very good though! The lights are so cute too :) Thank you so much for your nice comment about my design. It always makes me happy! Let me know if you have any questions anytime :) xo akiko
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  7. I love Ikea ♥ And I also love cats!! (my blog is also a “neko” blog haha ;D)
    When I am Ikea I ALWAYS buy something. And I always buy more than I intended to do XD

  8. Those mouse, cat lamp things are sooo cool! You’re right, the kid section really does have some pretty neat things. I remember seeing stuffed brocolli/other veggies in a photo once.. I need them in my life. Can’t wait to see your room as well!

  9. I love Ikea and I love that you took so many photos there – I never think to do that! I love the wall of those kawaii lamps. I think I have one of those creature lamps somewhere actually. Ikea meatballs are such a good call too, now I have a craving for them!

  10. i love visited to ikea so much. although they always end up pretty exhausting by the time you get to the bottom floor and have to actually get to the real work – pulling all the furniture out! most of my apartment is from ikea. i would love to buy second hand but transporting it would just be too difficult. not to mention since second hand is extremely popular in berlin, it is all pretty pricey stuff.

    xx rae

  11. Aww I love IKEA! I just go round the showrooms dreaming of having a fancy shmancy house with lovely rooms! The kids rooms are always so cute :’) xxx

  12. @ Akiko: Thank you :twinkles: :on: I’ll let you know as soon as I have more concrete ideas! It would be a dream to have the header made by you :tanoshii:

    @ Keki: Hello! :bling: your blog is adorable!! hehe same here with ikea :hehe:

    @ Noora: nyahaha :totorosmile:

    @ MissFeelo: I love those lamps! they’re quite expensive though… :jupp: I had some when I was younger ;)

    @ winnie: love those lamps too :blinkheart: and the food was quite good for that price! I liked the fries more though :klimper:

    @ rae: second hand is expensive indeed… :hm: but at least the quality is good! .. it’s really annoying moving old furniture though…

    @ Maisy: hahaha :catexclam: same here!! I don’t know if I would ever furnish my room like they do but it’s nice to pretend :tongue:

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