Eyeko~ Something for the Eyes

Eyeko~ Something for the Eyes
I finally managed it to take pictures of the swatches for the review of my Cherry Culture order. The package arrived after ten days what is totally ok. Since I’m on holiday and I’m only hanging around at home I didn’t get to use all the new makeup yet. Today I am going to review the products from Eyeko. Eyeko (Aiko) means Love or Love Child in Japanese. I had never heard or read about this brand before but when I saw their products on Cherry Culture I immediately fell in love with their packaging. The Anime girl with the pink hair is just too cute!! I get easily fooled by the looks of products and this time was no exception but as long as it isn’t foundation or facial lotions and soaps I don’t mind trying products that only look good.

I got the Frosting Fat Balm (what an ugly name, don’t you think so? :youreweird: ) and the Lip Lover (this name is much better…). I didn’t read any reviews and nothing, I just decided by how the were called, Frosting and Lip Lover. The Fat Balm is more a lip balm than a lipstick but the Lip Lover is really pigmented and has good coverage. There wasn’t any sun today so I couldn’t take any swatches wih sun light but I think you’ll get a pretty good idea of what the colors look like.

The texture of the Frosting Fat Balm is okay, not sticky but not too creamy either. Applying it wasn’t easy for me because the stick is really big and has no slanted side. The smell is the typical lipstick smell.. maybe with a hint of vanilla.. anyway, you know what I mean, it isn’t an unpleasant smell but just the normal smell. Unfortunately I don’t like the color at all. The light shimmer though is kind of nice and the color looks really different depending on the light. I don’t know, but it makes me look like a cheap beach babe. :crying: It’s too pink! especially for winter.. so once the “the packaging is soooo cute”-effect was over I was a little disappointed with this product. The price isn’t that cheap and I expected the actual lip balm (not the cartboard packaging) to be somewhat cuter that just grey with a pink logo but it wasn’t too expensive either so luckily the disappointment didn’t last for too long.

The Lip Lover however is probably one of the first really red lipsticks I own. It is shaped to look like a pen but basically it works the same as a classical lipstick. Honestly, I don’t like the shape but I wanted it because I thought it looked really red and it’s been quite some time that I’ve been searching a totally red lipstick. I definitely bought the items because I thought they had cute packagings but in fact they’re both pretty average in design. Too bad I would never use one of their creams because they look so much prettier than the products I got! I’m just really sensitive when it comes to my skin and I don’t think that their products for the face are very good.. But that’s just my estimation, I can’t know how their creams are because I never had one!

As you can see on the pictures with the swatches the color is really red but on the picture above it still manages to look slightly pinkish, doesn’t it?! Maybe it’s because I was wearing the Fat Balm before.. Of course I wiped it off before I applied the Lip Lover but probably my lips absorbed some of the Fat Balm’s color. The texture of the Lip Lover is fantastic. It covers perfectly only after applying it once and it has a wonderful velvety finish. The smell isn’t that special, it slightly smells like cherries but that’s it.

To see more of my ego shooting, read on!

The pictures were all taken with my phone that’s why the quality isn’t so great.. Eyeko is a really cute name and some of the packagings are really really kawaii but it’s not a brand I would use everyday. It’s nice to have the Lip Lover and to have some of their lip balms in the purse but that’s all. It’s just not a brand I would trust blindly and allow on my skin. The nail polish however seems so be awesome by what I can tell from looking at the pictures!

Next time I am going to write something about the artist of the graphics with the black-haired girls in the first picture (the Eyeko collage). Hehe…


PS: Excuse my really messy hair! I’m just studying at home and I didn’t brush my hair today :crying: ..I’m sorry guys! I’ll definitely will show you some decent images of me again! (some time..) But I’m always making these posts when Silvankun is working so I have to take the pictures with my phone.. yes, yes, that’s no excuse for the messy hair, I know :totorosmile:

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  1. die Manga figur in der mitte ist süß^^

    Ja ich mach tamagoyaki in einer runden pfanne. geht eigentlich ganz easy, wenn man n bisschen mehl untermischt.
    ich hab mir nen kleinen trick bei cooking with the dog abgeguckt

    und zwar schiebt man die 1. schickt ein einfach nur zusammen und dann kommt der rest in die pfanne, das ei unter das knäul heben und dann einrollen.

  2. There definitely is too much of a blue tone on the Fat Frosting Balm, it can look a bit gaudy in winter. It might work if you got a tan in summer?

    I do like the color of the Lip Lover on you, <3

    I LOVE your makeup! Your look is peeeeeeerfect! You should do a tutorial <3 Neko-chan! It seriously looks so good.

    I'll look forward to reading about the artist behind the icon. It seriously looks cool.

    • Ava~ ♡
      Yes, your right about the Frosting Balm, it probably would look good in summer! yay!

      Thanks for saying my makeup is perfect! But I didn’t do nothing special.. a tutorial would be quite boring I think! It’s only foundation, concealer, rouge, kajal and mascara :ghihi: although I have to say that the concealer works miracles!! (it’s a sample of one of Lancom’s concealers and I’ve used it every day since I got it.. I think I need to buy it once the sample is finished!)

  3. Aww you look really cute, with striking red lips. I’ve only tried very few of eyeko stuff but everything looks so cute!

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