Everyone wants them… Circle Lenses!

Everyone wants them… Circle Lenses!

Good Morning Sunshines! :jumpingrabbit:

Sunbeams are tickling my face and I’m thinking about circle lenses.. When I was 14 or so I can remember buying myself greenish lenses that looked somehow creepy on me. I looked like a vampire :hehe:. They were really expensive but I was so keen on having green eyes that I just had to buy them. Fortunately I don’t have to wear glasses or lenses for the sight but at the same time this makes it difficult for me to wear circle lenses because I’m not used to have something in my eyes at all!!! I can remember that my eyes watered most of the time and that made it look even weirder.. Now eight years have gone by since then and I’m thinking about them again :nope:. They seem to be very popular in Japan as I saw many pictures of people on Tokyofashion wearing them. What should I do?! I mean I like the flashy ones where everyone can see that they are fake but I think maybe on me the more “natural” ones look better? Well I think it depends a lot on the style & makeup that one is wearing with them so I just probably buy two pairs of them, one flashy and one “natural” and test it for myself :kitten: Does anyone know where to buy them? by the way, my natural color is blue..

Here some pictures of people wearing Circle Lenses:


Circle Lenses

Circle Lenses

Circle Lenses

Circle Lenses

Yesterday I tried out a new outfit! It’s not gyaru, mori, hippie or nothing, it’s just me :klimper:. So stay tuned for more and enjoy every sunbeam on your skin *(^_^)/
byebye ねこちゃん :lipstick:

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  1. could you please get me some too?
    maybe.. very blueish ones.. or green.. ^.^

  2. :fancycat:
    I love cats.
    Anyway, you can get those lenses not only at any glasses / contact-lense store, but also at places like Tokyu Hands and Okadaya in Shinjuku (behind Alta).
    I’ve never tried them myself, but I’ve seen them – and exaggerated, funkier versions of contacts as well!

  3. That’s so nice of you! Unfortunately I don’t live in Japan.. I’ve only been there for 6 months travelling and working in different towns all over the Islands.

  4. Did you get you lenses already?!

    I buy mine online @ http://www.dbeautyshop.com

    Good price & it came with a free, cute lens case:aiai:

    if you got any question, just ask.

    Oh yeah, some other site might show you a really good price but you have to be careful cuze its the price for only ONE lens & not a pair (both eyes).

    am happy with dbeauty so you can check their site out.:jumpingrabbit:

    here is me wearing angel brown

  5. @ Ikitamura No I haven’t… I don’t know what color!!! :crying: wow!! the ones you are wearing in the video look so incredibly good on you!!! :newbuddy:you are right, the website is great! When I decide what color I’ll purchase them from there.. and I am going to do a post about them for sure.. but right now I’m a little low on funds.. :ghihi:

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