Everyday thoughts and insights

Everyday thoughts and insights
Just a few shots of my everyday life! I don’t know why but I have troubles writing posts right now, I just don’t feel like it. It’s not like usual when I can write what I want without thinking about it too much. The thoughts keep coming but I discard them immediately since I can’t imagine that they could be of peculiar interest for you. My everyday life is pretty boring except for a few modest highlights here and there. I’m not saying that it’s bad like this, in contrary, I’m happy with my life as it is at the moment. I still have lots of stuff to do for school but there are no more exams, besides the final exams in February and August what means that I can study steadily until then and hopefully make it!! :iida:
If I pass the exams the plan is to travel again in Japan. I really can’t wait for this! But even if it’s not that far away anymore, I can’t imagine it! The first time I went to Japan we didn’t plan nothing. I know its difficult to understand but I see the world as pretty accessible. That is, if you have the time or the money, but theoretically it is. I’ve never been homesick because I always have the feeling that somehow it is possible to reach every corner of this world. Compared to the universe the distances on our planet are ironic. I know that this is daring to say but I guess that’s what you call a cosmopolitan. :totorosmile:

the picture above has nothing to do with the text but I found it on we♡it and just loved it!
Back to my everyday life here in Switerland. One day I would like to answer one of those questionnaires that are circulating on different blogs. I tried to find a cool one but wasn’t lucky until now. If you have a nice one, please tell me where to find it! Of course the best thing would be to write one myself but I’m not very creative when it comes to things like this and I think it’s also nice to compare them with other people and that’s easier if everyone (or even a few) have the same one. You know, the ones with “what was you first blahblahblah..,”; “a picture of your best friend”; “favourite food” etc. I listed some details about me under ねこブログについて but that’s a pretty loose and random list.
Well that’s it with the writing for today! I’m relieved that I was able to at least write a little something. And now, let me show you some impressions of cute things in my everday life. :catexclam:

You’ve probably already seen them but I just thought they looked so cute with their little knitted caps on!

This is a shot of the blackboard I took during chemistry. Don’t you think the chemical formula looks a little bit like a cute animal?

My new houseshoes! They’re simple and sturdy (you can wear them outside) but I love the strap! I’ve always loved wearing shoes with straps, I call them “Alice shoes” because her shoes in Alice in Wonderland.

I really, really like my keychain =)


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  1. I saw the first pic and thought “good lord her everyday life is glamorous!” haha :P

    I totally agree that the innocent smoothies are THE cutest slice of adorable! and I totally see the sweet little face! Funny how our mind makes us see things in a certain way huh?


    • it sure is! :miam: I started playing with the photo editor on my phone again :wink: I always have to smile while reading your comments, they’re always fun! :jumpingrabbit:

  2. *hahaa* I love the picture with the blackboard ^.^
    So macht d’ Schuel doch es bezzeli Spass – nicht wahr :nope:
    the knitted caps are so cute :nyanyan: Did you make then on your own? :oh:

    • I couldn’t help but seeing a little face :tongue:
      And no ^.^’ Im no good at this, the innocent smoothies are sold like that!

  3. Oh, you live in Switzerland, that explains your italian knowledge :D
    I was there a few times and loved your country!!!
    I’m in a similar situation to you: everyday life is always the same except some higlights, I have only to finish my thesis and graduate and then I plan to go to Japan again *_*
    I love your shoes and Alice shoes in general! And the bottle with hats really are cute!

  4. :hirabbit: lovely post, my dear. i agree i love to travel, and yes, the distances on earth are rather ironic when you think of the size of the universe. still, i wish i had the flexibility of time to travel more, especially since i am living in berlin and all my family lives in america. if only i had my own private plane, then i could fly home at will every other weekend! it is so exciting that you may be going back to japan. i have never been but i have always wanted to go terribly!

    <3 rae

    http://sickbunnyy.blogspot.com/ :nyanyan:
    p.s. that formula does look like a cute character!

  5. xD That chalkboard made me laugh~

    It’s nice to hear from you again Neko-Chan. :) I always miss reading about your life, thoughts, etc.

    • We plan on visiting all the people we’ve met the last time so that means that we have to travel all around Japan, from Hokkaido to Okinawa :)

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