Eleven are ten too many

Eleven are ten too many
Hey there Bloggers and Readers! :omnom:
A few days ago I got nominated by the wonderful and kind :twinkles: Heather :twinkles: from Heathering Heights for the Liebster Blog Award!

If you haven’t already, go visit her blog! I’ve been reading it for some time now and I’m enjoying it so much. She’s a gifted writer and has awesome fashion photos.
Here are the eleven questions Heather asked. If you ever wondered who my Hollywood crushes are or what stupid things I’ve done during high school, now is the time to find out.

:bling: Where were you born?
:sprout: I was born and raised in Zurich, Switzerland but I’m also Italian and a little German. Two of my grandparents are Italian, one Swiss and one German. Quite multicultural eh? Fortunately my parents talk to me in German and Italian that’s why I speak both.

:bling: Why do you blog?
:sprout: I blog because it’s a good way to “stay in touch with the world”. Switzerland is a beautiful country but sometimes it can feel a little claustrophobic with all the mountains around. Blogging gives me the opportunity to meet new bloggers and see new places through their eyes. In exchange, I try to give something back by showing you my country and travelling and other frills and thrills.

:bling: Who is your Hollywood crush?
:sprout: omg – ok, here we go~

What can I say, I like guys with strong eyebrows and soft lips. :klimper: Mysterious yet almost evil? Yes, that’s totally what I’ve always loved.. Sure, most of them don’t look as good anymore so I’m quite fond of my sweetheart. He definitely is a girl’s crush too. :ii:

:bling: What was the last book you read? (and liked)
:sprout: It’s been ages since my last “non-school” book. Probably Haruki Murakami’s Dance, Dance, Dance. I think I didn’t finish it though.. Yes I know, I should totally start reading more again! I love Murakami’s novels and short stories but reading absorbes me so much that sometimes I’m afraid of it.

:bling: When was the last time you laughed really hard and why?
:sprout: I laugh whenever something really awkward happens. And when I’m really happy I can even laugh for no reason at all. The last time I laughed really hard was in the Japanese class two days ago when our lecturer read out loud an invitation in English with a very funny “German” accent. He did it on purpose though and the whole class was laughing.

Quite off topic but I wrote that I would smile on the next picture… and I tried. :nyan:

:bling: What’s your dream job?
:sprout: That’s really difficult to tell. To be honest I’ve been dreaming of taking rock samples, volcanoes and such things but with my decision to study Art histroy and Japanese I’m going in a complete different direction. Art is nice though so I’m sure I will find an interesting and exciting job.

:bling: Who inspires you?
:sprout: To be honest, it’s not one special person. I’ve never had “idols” and such.. except maybe for characters in books?! Now it’s more in Anime series. :nope: I know it sounds really childish and stupid but characters like Naruto or Luffy are so inspiring! They’re funny, strong, loyal, brave and totally crazy. The world is full of inspiration, wherever you look you will find something.

:bling: What’s the most embarrassing thing you did in high school?
:sprout: That’s a difficult one. I did too many incredibly stupid things during high school! I can’t really tell you those things.. they’re way too embarrasing. Well I could tell you one story… I cut out the photo of my passport to give it to a guy. Two weeks later I went on holiday alone in a surf camp in France. My father had to “smuggle” me through the security in Genevra where I had to take the train that was leaving for Biarritz.

:bling: What’s something people don’t know about you?
:sprout: Not too many people know I have a tattoo. It’s a little spade on my left hip bone. I made it in El Salvador about six years ago?! I was so in love with a guy that time and he and his/our friend had planned it already back in Zurich so when we arrived in San Salavador where part of his family is from and lives, I decided spontaneously to get a spade. They call me Alice and I love every symbol that reminds me of it so I took the spade. And because I like to play. :etone:

:bling: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?
:sprout: Japan! But I would also love to visit every single other country in this world. Seriously, I’ve never been in a place I didn’t like in one way or the other. (except maybe for those four days in Moscow…)

:bling: What’s something you never leave the house without?
:sprout: Keys, phone and wallet? Although I tend to forget at least one of the items every few days if Silvankun wouldn’t remind me…

Here are the rules: (I didn’t all of them follow though..)
Each person tagged must share eleven things about themselves.
They must answer the eleven questions the tagger has made for them.
They must then choose eleven fellow blogs to nominate.
Lastly they must then think of eleven questions to ask the bloggers they have decided to nominate.

And here is what I would like to know about you~
1. What were you’re favourite tv-series when you were a child?
2. When did you first start blogging and why?
3. What special power would you choose; being able to fly, breath under water read minds, look into the future, invisibility or immortality?
4. Favourite beverage?
5. What is your earliest childhood memory?
6. Yes or no?
7. Is there any “special” person (dead or alive) you would like to meet?
8. What’s your favourite video or compute game?
9. Your favourite piece of clothing (shoes & co. included)
10. If someone gave you 100$ to spend immediately, what or who would it be for?
11. Where do you see yourself in ten years from now?

I nominate the following lovely bloggers~

Feel free to share some thing about yourself! I think it’s a great opportunity to get to know new blogs and the people behind them.
I’ve written over 1000 words now and my fingers hurt!! See you really soon Star shines~


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    LOL you cut out your passport photo orz. That’s……. UNBELIEVABLE! HAHAHA! Gee I’ve always wanted a tattoo ;_;

    Once more, thank you so much for the nomination! <3 See you soon! <3


  2. Thanks for nominating my blog!! I guess, I’ll attend this tagging-game and as I have no new pictures yet, I’ll post this instead :ballerina:

  3. You are one fascinating girl! Haha, love the questions and how you answered them – its fun to know more about the blogger behind our favorite blogs :)

    Trendy Teal

  4. Aw, thanks for nominating me! I have absolutely no clue on what questions/who to nominate though so I might do this awhile from now ^__^ hope that doesn’t matter too much!

    heh, I’m just like you on the laughing thing! Except way too many awkward things happen around me so I end up laughing just a lot ._.

    The passport photo thing is so cute. Doesn’t make sense right now, but still so cute!! ahah it sure created a great follow up story. :D

  5. I always think these types of posts are really fun because I always find something interesting but a bit random that I have in common with the blogger who has written the post – I love Haruki Murakami’s books, too :)

  6. I really enjoyed reading your Q&A. Do you speak German and Italian? Wow! I remember when I was in London for a month to learn English, people from Switzerland speaks great English as well. How did you learn your English? You’re very good at japanese too. うらやましい!xo akiko
    Style Imported

  7. :hirabbit: Nun muss ich aber endlich vorbeikommen, mich umschauen und vor Allem für deine sooo liebe Nachricht bei mir bedanken. Auch über den FbLike hab ich mich seeehr gefreut. Eigentlich antworte ich auch direkt, nur war ich spontan mal auf Heimaturlaub, da hat das WWW dann nur eine untergeordnete Rolle ;)

    Deine ganzen kleinen Katzen-Animationen sind soooo goldig. Was dagegene wenn ich einfach den ganzen Eintrag hier vollmache mit ihnen? *hihi* … oh ui und ein soooo süßer Hasi :jumpingrabbit:

    Übrigens find ich Japanisch ja sooo toll. Habs selbst mal 1 Jahr in der Schule gelernt, nur leider eigentlich längst alles wieder vergessen – schade.

    Achja und na klar folge ich dir ab jetzt, oder meinst du ich lass mir solch tolle Blogs mit soooo süßen Animationen und über Japan entgehen??? :rabukuma:

    LG Anne

  8. Thanks for tagging me, Neko.. This is fun, yet challenging to do so it might take a while for me to do the tag.

    I wish I could speak another language other than my native tongue and English. :( And you make traveling sound so fun and interesting.

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