Devil’s Haircut

Devil’s Haircut
I’ve been thinking about cutting my hair short. I don’t mean too short but much shorter than they are now! What I had in mind was to let them grow and have really long hair but I’m just too lazy to brush them. I can’t recall exactly when I stopped brushing my hair regularly but probably it must have been after I cut my hair short. Now that they’re quite long it’s getting more and more annyoing to brush them and get rid of all the knots. The problem is that I don’t like to brush my hair when it’s still wet so I just tie them up and and often leave them like this the whole day long. Sometimes they’re still humid in the evening! :oh:

By the way, the woman on the picture above is Nastassja Kinski, and the scenes are from the film Paris, Texas; a cool film which I think I’ve never managed to see without falling asleep at some point.. but great anyway! I like this haircut and I think it would suit me. The only thing is that her hair is probably styled even if it looks undone and casual.. and I don’t like to style my hair on a daily basis to make it look good.
Even if the main reason to cut my hair is because of the practical aspects I really like mediumto short hair! It looks kind of boyish and cool :wink:

Natalia Vodianova photographed by Paolo Roversi

I would love a bob or a haircut like Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction but it would probably look dull on me right now. I’m really not sure how to give the hair more volume after its cut.. but probably its done by using a curler brush, a hair dryer and some hair spray.. I always hoped there would be some kind of shampoo that could magically do this work for you but I guess it’s not very realistic. :snif:
What do you think of short hair, do you like it? or do you even prefer it? I’m still not sure wheter to do it or not but if I go on treating my hair like this, it’s probably the best to just have shorter hair. If not, I will cut it anyway when I’m dyeing my hair pink in Japan. :wink:

Keira Knightley for Chanel
image sources here & here

Do you know any good sites where they have pictures of haircuts? Or is there a good magazine? Please let me know!

byebye ねこちゃん :lipstick:

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  1. Sono nello stesso dilemma, non so se tagliare ancora o lasciare crescere (ma mi fa fatica)! Anche io ho un caschetto, adoro i capelli corti. Ma è già da un po’ che li ho e vorrei cambiare :) Comunque ti consiglio il sito ci sono photoshoot originali di tutti gli attori, attrici e cantanti che vuoi. Puoi trovare un’ispirazione :)
    P.S.: Io adoro gli attuali capelli di Emma Watson!!

  2. I also have thought about cutting my hair short again – some month ago I dreamed of having my hair like the the woman on the second picture *___* *short & curls* :nyan:

    Are you one of the persons who leave their hair growing and changing them suddenly to a short-cut hairstyle? – I am certainly one of them >w< Sometimes I feel a terrible desire to shorten my hair!!! :ghihi:
    (Short hairs are comfy & easier to care for :nyanyan: )

    I am sure short hair will suit you, ねこちゃん ^^

    I often look on these (japanese) homepages: :klimper:

  3. @ Grazie tantissimo per il link!! e vero che è faticoso?!.. sono contenta di non essera l’unica a pensare così :nope: si, sono proprio belli quelli della Watson ma per me probabilmente troppo corti..

    @ Miho-chan: hahaha! Yes, I think I am one of them too :tongue: You never know! :nope: I love the woman in the second picture, it’s Natalia Vodianova… her hair is amazing in this picture but I’m not sure how to make this look.. especially if you have quite straight hair like me. :snif:
    thank you very much for the links! I’ll have a look at them!

  4. Hallo Neko,

    ich habe Deinen Artikel Rilakkuma Inari übersetzt und auf meinem Blog veröffentlicht.

    Hoffentlich ist das im Großen und Ganzen richtig. :-D

    Vielen Dank noch mal und viele liebe Grüße,


  5. I like Natalia’s hair best! I cut my hair short a few months ago and now I think I will grow it back out. I get like…a mental itch to cut my hair whenever it’s gotten too long – and then I regret cutting it instantly of course! But if I have long hair i’m not happy with it and want short hair. The reason I prefer short hair is because I can always make it look longer with extensions but it’s much harder to make long hair look shorter!

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