Cupcake Affair

Cupcake Affair
EDIT: this cupcake shop is totally overrated… overpriced and unfriendly!

Yes!! It’s exactly what it says in the title!! This is the first real cupcake store in whole of Zürich!! They opened in November and it seems as if its running well! When we arrived there the other day almost all the cupcakes had gone! As I sat down on the fur outside the vitrine I felt as doing something really mischievous by eating that cute thing.. It was like having an affair with your cupcake!!! muahaha Since there wasn’t a big assortment anymore my boyfriend chose the Chocolate Cupcake (I sadly forgot its name..(;_;)) & I took the Passionfruit Cup Cake (Casanova). The shop is tiny and cute with pseudo antique furnishing. Everything is white and clean and they even sell a small variety of tableware and necklaces. It was so astonishing seeing something like that  :halloween: I strongly hope there will be more cute things in the future!! Zürich isn’t thaaaaat kawaii… But strolling through the old alleys I realized that it really IS a beautiful city.. although I wouldn’t want to live here my entire life!!! It’s just impossible for me… :ainoonigiri: I love big cities & the sea!!!! I also discovered a fakejewellery shop!! The staff was so neat and friendly!! Very untypical for Zürich. The shop is called “Diva” and it’s located in the “Niederdörfli” (an old district  in the core of the city). They sell quite unconventional items (all kinds of hair clips, hair bands, bags etc.) so I think it’s difficult for them to gain a foothold in Zürich. I supported them a little bit by buying some hairclips, earrings and a hairband which I really LOVE!!!! I think the shop is Brazilian although the stuff seemed Asian. But as far as I know there are many Asians living in Brazil! Afterwards we went eating at a Lebanese restaurant (Restaurant Cèdre Bellevue). It knocked me off my feet!!! I rarely visit restaurants in Switzerland but I think that this isn’t the last time I’m visiting this one!! The price-performance ratio was more than fair and it was too delicious!!! Here some snaps (unfortunately my phone was low on battery so I wasn’t able to take pictures of the great food.. )




The Vitrine

Cupcake Affair

Cupcake Affair
Love at first sight
The Shop

Cupcake Affair


Cupcake Affair
mmmmmh they were so yummi!! As you can see my boyfriend coudn’t withstand the sight of this delicicous Chocolate Cupcake with raspberry filling!
Here the mugs & the cute necklaces:

Cupcake Affair

Cupcake Affair
me, standing in front of the shop.. yesyes I know.. I don’t look very happy.. I hate having taken pictures of myself.
My new hair clips & earrings!
That’s all folks :merononigiri:
If you have the chance to visit Zürich & eat a cupcake at Cupcake Affair tell me what you thought about it!!!
I’ll be back soon!
byebye ねこちゃん

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