Crocodile Obento

Crocodile Obento

Hi Everyone! :bird:

The last few days I tried to eat healthy and balanced and I have to say that I have a lot of fun trying out new recipes!! During the last months I ate too much Pizza, Ramen, Onigiri and other delicious but double-edged dishes.. I really like to eat and so does my boyfriend but while I’m getting fatter and fatter he remains slim as a salamander :hehe:. So now I decided to go on a “serious” diet and he is planning to start to train again. I cut out bread, pasta and rice (except for one day a week where I can eat brown rice.. I know it sounds awful especially when you’re used to the sticky and rich Japanese white rice :wink:) because I think these are the first things to banish if you want to lose weight. I renounce eating red meat and eat lean fish or chicken breast with lots of vegetables. For breakfast I eat a moderate bowl of sugar-free muesli (granola). I started this diet only two days ago but I think my tummy has already gotten flatter! I try to make delicious dishes because I don’t want any backfalls due to a feeling of dissatisfaction after the meals. Since I’m not following a specific diet or recipe book every day is a challenge but also an adventure since I’m inventing and cooking recipes I’ve never tried before :nope: . Sure it takes a little more time than just frying some chicken nuggets in the pan or than to serve a bowl of Spaghetti with tomato sauce but it’s totally worth it! From now on I will take a picture of every meal I cook and if I find the time I will describe on my blog as good as I can how I prepared it.

Here is my Obento for tomorrow:




Obento Ingredients:
Brown Rice
Black&white Sesame
Soy sauce

byebye  ねこちゃん  :lipstick:

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  1. I love the way it looks as if the Crocodile is about to eat the rest of the food! I’d definitely love to read your descriptions and how you made them so I can try some out myself!

  2. ª Miho-chan: かわいい!! this looks like a really happy gohan kitty :hehe: but I don’t understand what the white parts are made of.. :( I will try nevertheless to do something like this..but for my boyfriend since I’m on a diet :ohno: oyasumi:happy:

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