Crimson Sky

Crimson Sky
Hello pumpkins :twinkles: What have you been up to?
I’m almost through with my first week of university and I’m still alive! I feel like I should write something thoughtful but I’m just pretty tired and hungry so I’m probably just going to write stupid things…

These pictures were taken from my old living room somewhen this summer and I stumbled over them a few days ago while trying to reorganise my photos. When I showed them to my brother he couldn’t believe they were real and not retouched and all! I’m so glad I have my 18mm-200 nikkor that allows me to zoom in an out so much!! hehe.. :totorosmile:
Red is, as you may know from some previous entries, my absolute favourite colour and of course I was amazed by the beauty of the crimson sky that evening…

That’s all folks! Next time I would love to show you some impressions of Japan. The photos are from over three years ago and I usually don’t like to post old stuff but since university is really eating up most of my time (lol, I never thought I could say this once… :tongue: ) I have to draw on my photo stash..


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  1. Hi Neko!
    My school started officially today. *oh my..* this school year is going to be very hard and tough :ohnoo: I sat in the class room and I felt like repeating the first academic year again. It was a bit frightening :ghihi: Anyway, it is nice to hear that you survived your first week ^^ Keep going ねこちゃん♥

    BTW, the pictures are beautiful! I love when sky and sun are showing their magnificent moments :twinkles:

    I can’t wait to see your post about your time in Japan :starlove:

    • ganbatte Mihochan! I can’t wait to post some images of Japan :) I hope I can do it tomorrow~

  2. Oh those sunsets are just lovely. I always try and capture sunsets too, really wanted to capture one yesterday when I was on the train but the glass was too reflective! Anyway hope uni is going well and in answer to your question, ‘granny knees/ankles’ are when tights gather a little bit around those areas, something that apparently grannies suffer from haha.

    • oh I know that problem Winnie! but sometimes it works even with the glass! … thank you for the granny knees explanation! my tights gather around my ankles too sometimes… :(

  3. Was für schöne Bilder du immer schiesst! :ii: Waaahnnnsiinnn! :etone: Oh und Bilder von Japan finde ich immer toll! Also her damit :D

    Und danke dir für deine lieben Worte, Liebes! :hoshi: Ich weiss, dass ich mir selbst im Weg stehe :ainoonigiri: …echt schlimm grade! :snif: Aber ich hoffe, ich kann mich bald wieder aufraffen! Evtl. brauche ich endlich meinen Freiraum und da kommt mir der Wohnungswechsel genau richtig! :twinkles:

    • Danke liebe Lou :wink: ich freu mich auch schon wahnsinnig euch Bilder von Japan zu zeigen!! der wohnungswechsel ist sicher vorteilhaft für einen frischen Start in den schönen Herbst :)

  4. Hi Nekochan! Glad to hear you are settling in on your first week of university. :) I have already been back at uni for 5 weeks already so I am officially exhausted and very behind on revision already.

    Old obaa-chan here is already in her 6th year of university. So nostalgic of my first year. I hope you’re enjoying yourself :)

  5. xD We hardly get magical skies like this over here. Or if we do, they’re pollution-based and it’s more depressing than anything else. <3 You always share the loveliest sights.

    • thank you! oh it’s a good cam but it’s quite old and I’m afraid that she won’t last any longer… but I don’t have money do buy me a new one so I hope she’s going to last for a little longer :)

  6. Oh, this sky is beautiful, though it brought to mind blood, for me, especially in the first and last pictures. Both beautiful, but ominous.

    ♥ xixia

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