Creative minds at Starbucks

Creative minds at Starbucks
Hey there Cutie pies! :heartame:
Today I went to my first blogger meeting or more exactly an event hosted by Starbucks to which I got invited by the lovely Laurita. I was quite excited to finally meet some Swiss bloggers and have been looking forward to this event ever since I got asked about a week ago.


Starbucks is ominpresent in Switzerland and every morning you can see the cups with the distinctive logo, in the hands of thousands of people who enjoy drinking coffee. I must honestly say, that I’m not used to drinking coffe and I seldom do but luckily Starbucks offers a wide range of other delicious beverages among which I couldn’t tell you one I don’t like drinking.

Matcha Latte at its best!

Theme of this meeting were the reusable cups that have been introduced to Switzerland mid January of this year. The general idea is to buy such a cup and get a discount on every beverage if you show up with your reusable cup which they can use to fill in you beverage. I wonder if it’s okay to have a large cup but only take a small beverage?!
Anyway, Karolina who works at Starbucks started drawing on the cups when there wasn’t going on that much in the store and the customers who saw it were pretty amazed. She stills draws little things for her customers when she has time and she even drew a cat for me! I was looking for some examples of personally customized cups on the world wide web but I couldn’t find anything so I would dare to say that yesterday has been a premiere!


It was also a nice opportunity to meet some Swiss bloggers, and be creative together! I love looking at drawings that different people did and I always liked walking through the room during art classes and look at the drawings of my class mates.
There were also some snacks like blueberry muffins, sandwiches and chocolate and we even got to try a new coffe blend called “Verona“. It’s a coffee that goes well with desserts and has a slight cocoa bean flavour. So it’s actually perfect for Valentine’s day because it tastes best with chocolate things. Verona is a pretty suitable name I think, since it’s the city of Romeo & Juliet. :on:

Thank you Laurita for this lovely snap shot of Mi-Ji and me!
Tabea from Das Poyhütchen and Laura from

Thank you for the blast Starbucks team and hello to all the lovely bloggers I met! Tabea and Hendrike, Mi-ji, James, Laurita, Nicole, Valeria and Shirley – you guys are amazing and I’m looking forward to meeting you all again some time! :rabukuma:

PS: If you live in Zurich, you should totally check out the Starbucks at Kreuzplatz – if you’re lucky you’ll get a customized cup by Karolina. :miam:

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    • awwwwwweee! thank you! :tanoshii: happy you like it! looking forward to meeting you again somewhere!

  1. Oh cool! I’ve been thinking about getting one of those reusable cups. I’ve never been to the Starbucks at Kreuzplatz, but if it means I can get a cute cup, I just might go there! ^__^

    • I had the exact same reaction ;) frankly I’m not sure but they look and feel like plastic. Maybe, they’re at least made of recycled plastic? would make sense…!

  2. Schöner Beitrag und hat mich sehr gefreut, dich und deinen super süssen Blog kennen zu lernen! <3
    Liäbi Grüässli

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