Creamy temptation~

Creamy temptation~
Hey Everyone! :hello: Just a short entry about a delicious Raspberry-Ricotta Crème :blinkheart:
I found this recipe on Kawaii Blog and since I had all the ingredients at home I decided to give it a try. For this velvety, creamy temptation you’ll need: raspberries, yoghurt (natural, white), ricotta, nuts and sugar.

Here we go! For two people mix six table spoons of ricotta with four table spoons of yoghurt and three table spoons of sugar (I used cane sugar but you could also add some honey!). Mix the fresh or defrosted raspberries with one table spoon of sugar, put them on the bottom of a drinking glass and pour the ricotta-yoghurt cream over it. Roast one table spoon of chopped almonds or other nuts on low to medium heat without oil and then sprinkle them over the Raspberry-Ricotta Crème

This Cream tastes really smooth and the raspberries add just the right amount of sourness to the whole. The ricotta matches perfectly and makes the cream taste rich. :nyanyan: I hope you will try this very simple but good recipe and want to thank Thi for sharing it with us :arigatou:
byebye ねこちゃん :lipstick:

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  1. TRUE FACT TIME: I am allergic to Ricotta. I’m not sure what it is about it but it makes my lips puffy. ; w ; I’ll have to try this out with something else ’cause it looks delish.

  2. @ Miho-chan: It was so delicious :starlove: !
    @ Ava: Oh no.. that’s too bad :ainoonigiri: .. I’m not quite sure what cream cheese is but maybe you could try to use it instead of ricotta? or is it the same?

  3. Hallo du :)
    das freut mich, dass jmd mal was nachkocht! <3

    zudem wollte ich mich für die vielen und vorallem auch lieben kommentare bedanken!
    ich freu mich über jeden einzelnen!

    Liebste Grüße

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