Cosplaying or: How much I love my Nekomimi

Cosplaying or: How much I love my Nekomimi

Hey Everyone! :hello:

Last night I dreamt of cakes, coverd in bittersweet chocolate…:hehe:. What could that mean? Anyway, my stressful week is over but I still can’t put my feet up since there are four more annoying exams approaching what means: studying once more for this weekend! But I guess these personal affairs are no matter of public interest so I’m changing the topic before you damn me for my boring posts :boxkitten:. Uka, Linda & Kogoeru haven’t shown any sign of life yet! (There are still 3 days left though :klimper:).. still boring, I know..So now a little bit about the convention I went to last weekend. If you live in the German-speaking part of Switzerland and love Anime&Manga conventions you’ve probably heard about the JAN (JapAniManga Night). For me it was the first JAN and an interesting experience! Not least because I finally got to meet Miho-chan! I’m still picking out the pictures worth seeing (I took over 400 pictures..) so for now I’m only going to show you some pictures of me. :wink: The Nemu Kurotsuchi costume is far away from perfection but hey, that’s my first try :hehe:.. I wish though I had worn white socks with it..

Nemu Kurotsuchi Cosplay
nemu kurotsuchi cosplay

nemu kurotsuchi cosplay

Any exchangeable School Girl Cosplay

nekomimi schoolgirl

not just an exchangeable boyfriend :nyan: (his costume: Kakashi)

As usual I couldn’t resist buying some cute things such as a pair of white Nekomimi (cat ears) and a red Mameshiba..(the one in the school girl pictures) I always get kind of irritated when I look at the prices of the giant Lovechan or Rilakkuma plushies sold at these conventions because in Japan you can win them easily by playing ufo catcher for 200 Yen.. :ghihi:.. but I’m very fond of my new pair of Nekomimi (cat ears) which I would love to wear every day!!! They look so cute and there are many different ways to attach them. The inside is pink but it’s not visible since I wear them like Chobit ears..:kitten:
The day after the convention I came back from school and missed them so much that I had to wear them and start taking pictures instantly even before eating lunch and studying math (insane anyone?)….. by the way, no, I’m not wearing circle lenses :nope:

Here my silly Nekomimi snaps:



Regarding my diet, I’m still at it! Even if I had to make some exceptions during the weekend of the convention..(like for example for Okonomiyaki, Onigiri & co.)

One of my favourite salads at the moment:
edamame salad
I call it Mame salad.. Edamame, cucumber, tomatoes, walnuts & a self made Miso dressing (no oil)

Stay tuned for the big JAN pictures flood which I will probably post on thursday!!

byebye  ねこちゃん  :lipstick:

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  1. Mhmmmm just in this moment I could eat tonns of chocolate (I need some hormones of happiness TT___TT) It is frustrating when you know that your exams didn’t go well. However, I have to look forward and hope for the best ^__^

    Good luck for your exams! I have one tomorrow (・ε・)ムー (un peu de français…)


    PS. *still thinking of chocolate >v<*

  2. Miho-chan! Oh yes.. I know that feeling (bad exams…) but I’m really skilled at suppressing it..:ghihi:.. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you tomorrow!! Bonne chance ma chérie!!

  3. I officially finished my schoolwork last night, I slept for so many hours after that I woke up shocked at the time! I hope you will experience the same kind of relief when you’re done. The last few weeks of school are always the hardest.

    I love both your cosplay, but the schoolgirl is my favorite. You look so adorable in it! I DID think you were wearing circle lenses. You have such large beautiful eyes. The nekomimi look cute! I like the way you wear them.

    Your salad looks yummy, so green and fresh. Don’t feel bad about breaking your diet. Everyone needs to do it once in a while.

    As always, looking forward to your next post. <3

  4. @ Eden-Avalon: Congrats for the finished schoolwork! I hope I cang get 2 weeks of holidays this summer I can’t expect more..:crying: nyan… hehe big eyes with even bigger dark circles under them :nope: but thanks!

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