Confessions of a Debaucher…

Confessions of a Debaucher…
Instead of studying I’m blogging… but who doesn’t know that? Maybe it’s a good way to keep calm an distract oneself from the nervousness that comes with the exams. But first of all I would like to say Thank you, for all your sweet and honest comments on my not so happy post about Moscow. For those of you who are interested in knowing what exactly annoyed me on my trip there, read my answer to Eden-Avalon’s comment here :bling:
I hope you don’t mind that I’m showing you something else between the Moscow entries. Today I went through the coutless picture folders on my desktop and discovered some food pics I haven’t showed you yet.

What is your favourite food? Do you think that it’s true that colorful food is healthier than plain food? I like to cook colorful because it looks nice.. & healthy! But I don’t know if it really is that more healthy than a plate full of plain Sauerkraut. :tongue: I really do enjoy eating different things though!

But now comes the serious part of this post. As I wrote in a previous entry, I would like to write more frequently and shorter posts. Because the more I write and post, the easier it gets! Entries are done so much quicker for me when I’m writing more frequently and I have to think less about how I would like to express myself. Also, I take pictures of a lot of things but many of them are never published because I think that there’s not enough to write about them. Pictures however, are often more expressive than words so long story short, ( nyahahaha have you seen that Sout Park episode with the ziplining too? :nope: ) I will try to update nekoblog more often and with tiny glimpses into my everydaylife.

Totally dopey looking ねこちゃん :kitten:

I hope the food porn didn’t made you drool too much…


PS: I didn’t made all the food! Only the two first pictures and the wok vegetables are my work.. :nope:

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  1. Yes, the food porn made me drool. I am so hungry right now and there’s nothing to eat :ohno: I will have to eat cereal but I will cook Katsudon in the evening :nyanyan:
    Viva la Food!

  2. I love food porn *ç*
    All your dishes look yummy and beautiful. I don’t usally put too much effort in making my cooking colorful, but maybe I should, they really look better and yummier! I don’t know if they’re healthier, it depends where the colour come from XD

  3. foooood pooooorn :starlove: It all looks so nummy!

    I definitely like colourful food. Different colours show different vitamins and mineral in the food so that’s why we need to ‘eat a rainbow’ as they say :aiyo: I love chicken and sweetcorn soup at the moment. I’m not sure why it’s just such a lovely comfort food and my exams are so stressy


  4. Baw! The new design is so cute! I love it ~ I….really like spaghetti bolognese! I hope your blogging goals are reached~

  5. Those noodles so amazing! I feel like I haven’t checked your blog in so long and I apologize for that.

    I’m actually reading blogs instead of studying right now XD

    I love the new layout! Reminds me of Jiji from Kiki’s Delivery Service :D

  6. ooh~ site redesign!!! :D :D :D LOVE IT! neko darlin’, more obento posts, pretty pretty please? :3 arigato.

  7. your food shots look absolutely delicious. By the way your new layout is very cute, and so is the last picture ^^

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