City of Roses & Bears

City of Roses & Bears
Hello there! :omnom:
How have you been doing? I miss reading your blogs so much and I can’t wait to get to it!
The first round of exams in Bern is over and now I’m back in Zurich and have one more week to prepare myself for the oral exams… I can’t wait to jump into the crystal clear Aare river and drift in it after all of this is over! *crossing fingers* :bang:

Besides some studying and exam writing I had the chance to walk through the marvellous city of Bern that is the capital city of Switzerland and had fun taking tons of pictures. :tongue: I must say that its idyllic location in a river loop and the friendly people make me feel almost more at home than Zurich does. It’s significantly smaller than Zurich but the architecture and parks are way cooler. :klimper:
No wonder its historic old town became a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Bern is even ranked among the worlds top ten cities for the best quality of life!

I miss you guys so much but it’s only two more weeks until I’m back in the blogosphere~ :on:
I should definitely get back to my books now and I’m probably not going to be able to post until the beginning of September… Hope the pictures are fun to look at! Click on read on if you want to see more of them.. They’re rather big so I couldn’t have all of them on the front page. :catexclam:

The bear was the heraldic animal of the seal and coat of arms of Bern from at least the 1220s. The earliest reference to the keeping of live bears in the Bärengraben dates to the 1440s. source

There were som many Japanese tourists! Especially in the Rosengarten which is beautiful…

Are you having some lovely summer days? Well I’m definitely not, but seeing the city of Bern was really nice and I enjoyed it so much! I’ll be back with some new topics soon! What would you guys like to read about when I’m back? Bento, fashion posts, Make-up reviews or Japan related things? I’m thinking about creating a page just for Bento but I’m so not sure about the design!! That’s it for now cuties :nekopaw:


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  1. Super Fotos! Ich liebe es, wenn Blogger wissen, wie man eine Kamera bedient! Hammer! Aber du könntest die Bilder schon fast verkaufen, so toll wie sie sind!! ** Hoffentlich werde ich auch mal so gut!

    Und der kleine Hund ist ja sooooooooooooooooooo süüüsss! Ogottt! Musste grad meine Mutter rufen! x3 Bern ist eine sehr schöne Stadt <3 :twinkles:

    Oh, ist das am Schluss dein Freund? :D Sehr gutaussehend! ;-) hihi! :nope:

  2. Btw, wenn du doch schon in der CH wohnst müssen wir und mal treffen x3 <3 sushi essen gehen oder so :D

  3. :hionigiri: Thank you for your super nice comments x3 yeah, i still hope, my dream to work at a sushi restaurant wont be destroyed by the fact, that I cant work more than 45 hours a week QQ… But I will start tomorrow and I hope my boss wont be dissapointed when I have to tell him that I can only work 3 hours a week QQ stupid swiss LAW! -.-

    Where are you living btw? x3

    Chuuu :on: :ballerina:

    • ahahah Louuu you’re too sweet! :rabukuma: first of all, jepp that’s my bf :miam: and yes, we absolutely have to meet and go eat some Sushi~ I live in Zurich but I would gladly come to Basel or we can meet somewhere in the middle ;) I’m sure everything is going to work out just fine with your job!!!

  4. Yay, news from Nekochan :tanoshii:
    The pictures are beautiful! I like the one with the water – the dog looks so cool :D having a refreshment :nyanyan:

    have you ever tried “Aarewasser”? Well, it is alcohol but it tastes very refreshing with its lemon-taste. My school friend recommend it, when I visited her (but it’s quite pricy..).

    BTW, will I see you on the 2 September? The Summer Lolita Meeting will be in Bern – when it is nice weather, we’re going to visit the Rosengarten :) Having a picknick and spending a great time together :iida:

    Good Luck for your EXAMS! :wink: がんばれ★ねこちゃん

    • Hi there みほちゃん~ :hionigiri:
      Aarewasser sounds pretty cool! Maybe I’ll try it when my exams are over and they went well :D
      I don’t know yet if I can come to the Lolita meeting but I surely would love to! #nyaaa ありがとう~

  5. haha, ja meine rede ;) meine hose ist ja z.b. von h&m und für 20 euro finde ich die schon wirklich okay, kann ich dir also nur als tipp geben, aber sobald der herbst noch ein bisschen näher rückt gibt es sicherlich noch viel mehr rote hosen überall zu kaufen ;) die bilder sind btw mal wieder grandios, sieht wirklich idyllisch dort aus! ..leider war ich noch nie in bern aber wie es aussieht ist es auf jeden fall mal einen besuch wert :) ich wünsch dir noch viel glück für deine folgenden prüfungen! :)

  6. Bern looks like a stunning place to visit! I love the architecture – your photos really captured the atmosphere of the town. I can see why you like it so much!

  7. These pictures are amazing!!!! Looks so fun! Can’t wait for you to be back on the blogosphere!


  8. Oh, the graffiti art in this town is absolutely amazing! I wish my city’s walls were as colorful and interesting as this. :)

    ♥ xixia

  9. What a gorgeous place! Definitely on my ‘want to visit someday’ list. Everything looks so clean and pretty. Even the graffiti is cool and artsy! XD Great to see you back :aiai:

  10. @ Luisa: Danke Luisa! :rabukuma: am Montag & Dienstag hab ich meine letzten Prüfungen.. rote Hosen hab ich in Bern ganz viele gesehen aber ich bin ziemlich kompliziert was Hosen angeht und bei h&m konnte ich glaube ich noch nie eine kaufen.. :crying: hab mir jetzt aber schon einen bordeaux Rock und einen Pulli gekauft :ghihi:

    @ Winnie: awww thank you Winnie! I’m glad you like them :etone:

    @ Joannie: Thank you :on: I can’t wait to be back neither!!

    @ Xixia: hahaha :D the graffiti is indeed not bad in this city!

    @ Maisy: that’s Switzerland! sometimes I wish it had more of the atmopshere of huge cities but it’s just pretty, tiny & clean :hehe:

    @ モモネーコ☆: glad you like it! :ii: don’t worry, I haven’t been updating so much in August anyway! I hope your feed works now though!! I’ll be back at the beginning of September :boxkitten:

  11. :hello:
    Thank for the comment on my blog. I just found out yours and I loved it! The kittens all over it are so cute! :)
    I went to Switzerland last summer and it was so awesome. So clean, so beutiful and the mountains are still forever in my mind. I also went to Bern, looking at you photos made me want to go back to that summer. What a wonderful post, I hope your exams go well. :)

  12. Bern is such a fairytale like place! Is it really real? XD It’s really beautiful and cute :)

    I would love to see more Bento post :D

  13. You know.. I’ve read the same thing about Switzerland, I can understand why really. Especially when it looks that beautiful! ;) hehe good luck on the rest of your exams!

  14. Bern!!!! I visited many years ago and absolutely fell in love with all its charms :D Beautiful photos!

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