Christmas Days

Christmas Days
Hey Everyone! :twinkles:
How were your Christmas days? Despite the unusual weather for December the atmosphere during the last few days was pretty festive. What I liked most in the last few days was the peaceful silence. All the people were celebrating Christmas or other festivities with their beloved ones so there were practically no cars driving on the streets. On the 24th we celebrated with my family at my brother’s house. Silvankun and I got hold of a cute little Christmas tree only two days before the 24th and we decorated it all together on Christmas eve. The dinner was improvised and simple but very delicious. Oven-baked salmon, salt potatoes, salad and bread with butter. Of course there were many mandarins, nuts, chocolate and other sweet treats.

I like Foie gras and fancy table decorations but I was very happy just to be together with the most important people in my life and have this humble Christmas dinner with them. As kids we used to open the presents on the 25th but due to some coordination problems we decided to open them all together on Christmas eve.

On the 26th Silvankun and I got up early and went to buy some fresh croissants. The sun was shining beautifully so we decided to go for a walk and as we arrived on top of the hill we were generosly rewarded with one of the most stunning views I’ve seen of Zurich. There were hundreds of fuming smokestacks and this opaque veil covering parts of the city. Luckily I had my cam with me and with many other photographs beside me I started taking pictures. The scenery was so peaceful and I felt so fresh that I thought it was the first day of the new year.

I’ll be back soon sunshines!


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  1. How lovely!! I spent a nice Christmas with my family, but now I’m back home in Florence with my boyfriend. Have to deal with some bureaucratic stuff and then a very inexpensive New Year’s eve with friends!

    The Life After

  2. :hello: Sweetheart!

    I’ve just postes one of three entries about my Christmas day :tongue:

    Your christmas dish looks so yummy and it is very cute with those candles! Cool, a “Willisauringli” is hanging on your Xmas-tree :nope: cute idea!

    Have a nice evening! :hehe:

  3. @ The life after: How nice! You’re soooo lucky to live in Florence!! :smile:

    @ Maisy: buhuuuu Silvankun and I don’t have a TV at home.. :ohno: I would have loved to watch all the Christmas movies =)

    @ Miho-chan: hahaha actually it wasn’t only one Willisauer ringli but many :nope: it’s a pretty Swiss thing decorating the Christmas tree with them.. we did it for the first time though.. ( I think..)

    @ Ava: croissants!!!!! sooo yummy!! I wish you could have tried it!! :ballerina:

  4. oh my goodness the last 2 scenery pictures are so beautiful! The smoke looks almost surreal and the lens flare in the 2nd pic looks like the sun is just waking up the city, what a serene & hopeful feeling it gives! Love love love <3

  5. I spent Christmas with my family as well. My aunty has this mini Christmas tree which lights up and spins.

    I enjoy the peaceful and quiet roads during Christmas too, no angry traffic. The weather in Melbourne this year was crazy! It’s suppose to be Summer but it was storming and hailing!

    Those photos of Zurich look gorgeous… I would love to visit one day!

  6. i wish you and your family a happy new year^^

    i hope i can see further amaizing recipes & Bentos :-) i love your side

  7. Helloo Dragon Lady :happy:
    (You’re lucky, my chinese horoscope is sheep/goat… :nope: )

    ねこちゃん ☆ あけおめ!!!
    Did you have a good start into the New Year?

    PS. Are you busy with your studies :oh: ? Missing your entries :nyan: :klimper:

    • みほちゃん~ I’m back! I spent to many days with playing silly games on the iPad and neglected my blog and my studies.. But today I did both! I studied and finally wrote an entry again =)

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