Changemaker – Ethik küsst Ästhetik

Changemaker – Ethik küsst Ästhetik
Hey there cutie pies! :nekopaw:
Just recently I came across this super stylish store while strolling through the old town of Zurich where I haven’t been for quite a while. Zurich is crazy expensive and there aren’t so many stores I like and can afford and since Japan, I’m used to unique and cute stuff so I was very pleasantly surprised when I entered the Changemaker. :jupp:


I wasn’t looking for anything particular but when I spotted their Pukka teas and the Cocooning soaps and oils I knew that this was my store. Everything is well-matched and displayed beautifully and due to the friendly but descreet staff, I immediately felt comfortable.


The store is quite large and has two floors with natural cosmetics, teas, bags, cards, jewellery, plushies, pillows and various other selected goods. It’s the perfect place to find presents for friends, family, children or just for yourself. nyahahahaha I didn’t know that Cocooning has spread to the German-speaking part of Switzerland and that their products are sold in different stores here so I couldn’t resist and got myself a few things. :tanoshii:


The body oil I chose is called Baie des Anges which means “Angels’ bay” in French and is with nourishing macadamia oil, coriander and petitgrain. :bling: It smells divinely and makes my skin all smooth and elastic. I don’t know what it is about their products I like so much but the packaging is seriously the cutest and it’s nice that they only use natural and partially organic ingredients and the scent is just so addicting! The first Pukka tea I drank was on Christmas eve, after I had too much to eat and it actually saved my life. :iida:

Cocooning hand balm with wild rose, patchouli, camomille, rosmary and geranium and facial soaps

The hand balms in the picture above are around three years old but I only recently started using hand care frequently and I’m all happy that they still look pretty new and haven’t shed or anything yet! My collection is slowly growing and I’m definitely going to use up everything and in the end I’ll still have that adorable, closable, metallic, round box to fill with keepsakes!
22199624 Are you guys packaing victims too or is this just superficial behaviour that needs to be controlled? *nyaaaa* ..well to me the packaging is important but it’s not like I don’t care about what’s inside, and if both match it’s difficult to resist.


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  1. That shops has so many cute things *_*
    More than for the packagings (that I still like), my weak spots are the scents! If something has a good scent I may buy it even if the ingrdients aren’t so good ^^’

  2. WOOPS wrong article LOL sorry !

    I didn’t know you can buy Cocooning in the German Part neither ! :D That’s quite cool ! I feel somehow proud, because it is made in a village near mine :)

    • That’s so cool! my father lives in Lausanne and I always wanted to go and visit the savonnerie but somehow I haven’t got any opportunity yet.

    • the pug pillow is adorable, isn’t it? They have also stores in other cities like Bern I think!

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