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Red and suede

Red and suede
Es war Liebe auf den ersten Blick und seit dem ich sie bei Mango vor etwa drei Wochen gekauft habe, habe ich sie jeden Tag an und könnte mir ein Leben ohne sie gar nicht mehr vorstellen. Ich wollte schon immer mal eine Lederjacke, aber irgendwie ist es nie dazu gekommen.

Nun hab ich eine und fühl mich richtig wohl darin. Als ich an einem Sonntagmorgen meinen Freund weckte, um Fotos zu schiessen, war es noch ganz leer, aber auch noch ziemlich kalt, was mich aber nicht davon abhielt, meine knappsten shorts anzuziehen und rauszugehen. Die Location war eine Bar, ganz in unserer Nähe. Ich war zugegebenermassen noch nie drinnen, aber die Fassade ist total schön, findet ihr nicht?

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Jacke: Mango
Sweater: Only
Shorts: Billabong
Shuhe: Tommy Hilfiger

Habt ihr auch so Kleidungsstücke, die ihr am liebsten jeden Tag anziehen würdet und die einfach zu allem passen? Mit den Schuhen hingegen ist es das komplette Gegenteil, die Absätze sind zwar stabil, aber irgendwie bin ich es nicht gewohnt auf hohen Schuhen zu laufen und mein Fuss fühlt sich darin richtig unglücklich an. Ausserdem lauf ich eigentlich nie auf hohen Schuhen rum, wenns nicht unbedingt sein muss. Aber Übung macht ja bekanntlich den Meister und vernünftig in high heels laufen zu können schadet bestimmt nie.

die Knoblauchkatze

It was love at first sight and I’ve been wearing it ever since I bought it about three weeks ago at Mango. I honestly couldn’t imagine a life without it anymore. Although I’ve always wanted a leather jacket, it never really occured.
And now that I finally have one, I feel so comfortable in it! When I woke up my boyfriend one Sunday morning when everyone else was still sleeping, there was no one outside and it was also quite chilly but that didn’t keep me from wearing my tiniest shorts to go take some pictures. The location was a bar nearby. I’ve admittedly never been inside but the front looks pretty, don’t you think?
Do you also have some pieces you like best and that suit nearly any outfit? The shoes however were the complete contrary and although they have quite sturdy heels, I’m not used to walking in high heels and my feet felt really unhappy. But I never really wear high heels if I don’t have to. Skill comes with practice and a little practice never hurt nobody. Being able to walk in high heels can’t hurt, can it ?


Hey there my froggy friends! :hello:
Good news! I got a call saying that my work trial went well and that I’m part of the team now! Working part-time at Mc Donalds makes me realize how important sleep is and how luxurious my free time life was until recently. I’m experiencing phenomena such as tense shoulders, hurting feet and my body feels actually exhausted after eight hours of standing. That’s totally normal but makes me crave sleep so much that I actually started taking naps so instead of blogging I grab my fluffly, red blanket and sleep on the couch that is even more comfortable than the bed.
Enough said, today’s lazy post is all about hands and creams. Well simply hand creams. I’ve never been an avid hand cream nor body lotion user but as you get older you suddenly notice that there’s a reason why people invented creams. To protect your skin from getting older by maintaining elasticity and moisture. I hate touching things with sticky hands, especially when I’m in public transport I don’t like to have cream on my hands because the bacteria that are on everything you touch, will stick to your hands a thousand times better than without cream.


But most people like to carry at least one hand cream in their bag and apply it whenever and wherever they are. My hands or nails are often quite dirty (I seriously don’t know why… :nope: ) so it’s a really gross feeling to put on the cream on already sticky hands and I truly admire all the people out there who manage to keep their nails and hands clean and neat like all the time.


I bought this cream along with many other things in a store called Cosmika (I think) in Fukuoka. Their selection was great and I stayed for a whole our trying cleansing oils, hand creams and makeup while Silvan was reading BANZAI (the manga preview magazine). The ladies were super nice and even gave me some samples of shampoo and other things. Besides the green Frogtime hand cream there were also two other versions in different colors but the green scented so good that I had to pick that one.

Foto 03.02.14 17 59 39

Are you a frequent hand cream user? I have some more cute ones but somehow I can’t find the pics I took with my phone and today the light is very gloomy so no pictures! :snif:
I don’t think I my aversion for sticky skin will leave any time soon but putting on something after I took a long bath is really a must. It’s the only chance I get to use up all the luscious body, feet and hand creams I got!
For the next entry I planned to itroduce you to my new real wooden bento box from Fukuoka!
Also, Valetine’s day is coming closer and opposed to the usual indifference towards this matter, this year I would like to do something special for my love… We’ll see! :bling:


Borboleta hair chalk

Borboleta hair chalk
Hey there sugar peas!20746451
I decided to take a little break from the Japan travel diary because there’s so many other things lining up right now but I promise that I won’t forget about it and that I’m going to show you every place I visited.
A few days ago I went through the countless beauty stuff I got in Japan and came across a purple hair chalk I bought at the Donkihotei in Tokyo. They were mostly sold out and they didn’t have the colors I first had in mind but I took one nevertheless and tried it out the other day.


I’ve always wanted pretty pink oder baby blue hair but I’m too chicken to actually dye or tint it that way. But for everyone who’s a chicken like me, there’s hair chalk! I frankly don’t know how the colors would look with dark hair but with mine it worked perfectly and since it’s a Japanese product, I’m pretty sure that the colors works also on very dark or black hair because it’s just colorful dust on and not in your hair.


Even though I love pink, I was slightly disappointed because I already own a pink hair chalk and was really curious about having purple hair and in the selfies I took, the hair looks even more pink than it actually was. I didn’t wear gloves when I applied it which was a big mistake because my hands turned out deep purplish and everything I touched got purple imprints. And I also renounced to fix the chalk with hair spray, simply because I don’t really have hair sprays except for a sea salt hair spray which I used before I put on the color.


I was kind of worried that the color wouldn’t come off my hair any everything I touched but of course it got washed out right after the first shampoo. My brush though is still purple and there’s still fingerprints everywhere. This can easily be avoided and I will totally stick to the instructions the next time. :totorosmile:
Although the color doesn’t look that vibrant and is of matte finish, I enjoyed playing around with it and am definitely going to buy a decent fixing spray so I can wear this without fear of leaving stains on my clothes. What do you think? Is pink wearable all the time and do people judge you more quickly? I didn’t feel so strange to me but I’m afraid (yeah, I know I shouldn’t but I do!!!) what people may think of me!


Sorry for the messy hair and such but obviously I didn’t do this mess after, but before I took the shower. I can totally recommend this to anyone who’s thought about dying his hair but doesn’t know which color to pick. They’re not so expensive (at least this one wasn’t) and you get a good idea of how you might look with colorful hair. Of course it’s really amateurish and even a stupid, untalented person like me can pull it off but it’s still worth the money and you get fast results without having anything permanent.

Have a nice sunday everyone and see you soon~ :on: