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Hauling throughout Japan

Hauling throughout Japan
Hey there Sweeties! :nekopaw:
Although I had promised myself that I would do all the shopping at the end of our stay in Tokyo, I wasn’t exactly able to stick to that plan. The first parcel was sent back to Switzerland while still in Hokkaido and the second one from Kyoto. I also sent back way too many clothes I had brought along but soon regretted it, since afterwards I only had about three outfits to change into. In the end there were more hair care products, tableware and makeup in my luggage than clothes.

And of course I brought along food. Furikake (rice seasoning) is always convenient because it’s light and flat and I love trying out new combinations. It’s all very basic stuff and some of them are from the 100円 shop but after two months of eating mainly rice it’s difficult to switch to Müesli and Zopf so I’ve been cooking and enjoying Japanese food ever since we arrived.

Hair care is taken very seriously in Japan and if you go to a public bath or hot spring you will notice that most of the people have several bathing utensils such as body scrubers, wash cloths different soaps and various hair care products. The smell is addicting and somewhat different from the scents in Europe and I couldn’t help but bringing some of that with me. My hair now smells like fresh strawberry and sakura.. :tongue:

The chance to come across cat themed things in Japan is sky-high, it’s the ultimate kitty paradise. While the cat-themed stuff is mostly kawaii and girly, the real cats there are so Ukiyo-e! They look and behave quite differently from the cats here and remind me of cats in Japanese wood block prints.
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Life through little squares

Life through little squares
Hello there Beauties and Cuties of the Blogosphere! :ballerina:
I’m so happy that it’s Saturday and that I can finally start reading all the blog posts I missed! Since I got the new computer my rss reader doesnt work anymore and I haven’t found a suitable replacement for it yet but I will find one now. The last few weeks have all been quite similar and my awful time management makes it difficult to do the things I like besides uni. :sleep:
What definitely lifts my mood though is the sunny yet almost warm weather we’ve been having the last few days. Spring officially started and instead of snowing it’s finally raining again! I love the smell of wet soil especially in spring because it doesn’t smell so much like asphalt as during summer. Snowdrops have started to pop up and I wake up by the chirping birds. But I guess you’ve all been experiencing the same lovely aspects of spring. That is if you live in the northern hemisphere. :catexclam:

:sprout: 1. bye bye old mac book, I already miss you! :sprout: 2. Beef with vegetables and rice – ok but not good :sprout: 3. noodles with beef and veggies – not very good :sprout: 4. me, derping around 5. Bought my first dvd in years :sprout: 6. Easter deco at the Franz Carl Weber (toys store) :sprout: 7. at the main station :sprout: 8. Birthday flowers from my mum to Silvankun :sprout: 9. Snowdrops! :sprout:

Are you ready for the instagram rush? I’ve assambled quite the collection during the last months so here’s a little list of the past insta entries.

It’s funny how the amount of pictures slowly increased and I admit that I’m an avid instagram user. I like to look at the past snap shots and to remember moments and places I had forgotten about. How about you? Do you often take pictures with your phone? It’s obviously more fun if your phone has a good cam and I’m so glad I upgraded to an iphone. It’s not that I like how they work but the cam is totally worth it (at least for me :tanoshii: ). I must be quite obsessed with it.. :etone:

:sprout: 1. In the car with Nina :sprout: 2. Late night coffee with Mr. moustache :sprout: 3. Totoro on my bag :sprout: 4. So proud of my planner! :sprout: 5. Map of an imaginary island :sprout: 6. Windy day :sprout: 7. I would like to play so baldy!! :sprout: 8. Hello new computer! :sprout: 9. me in black&white :sprout:

:sprout: 1. Derpy me in the car :sprout: 2. Rice and Kimchi :sprout: 3. found in a book at uni :sprout: 4. Pretty radish :sprout: 5. Stairs and elevator :sprout: 6. Noh mask at the uni :sprout: 7. Antique books store :sprout: 8. Sakura Manju :sprout: 9. Almost empty Daruma rice bowl – I picked up every grain of rice! :sprout:

:sprout: 1. Chilling room of the Vernissage in Zermatt :sprout: 2. Restaurant Vernissage :sprout: 3. Birthday flowers :sprout: 4. Polybahn – Many students use this every day! :sprout: 5. Silvankun’s B-day :sprout: 6. First strawberries – not that great :sprout: 7. Stringbeans with Japanese goma dressing :sprout: 8. Choco muffins :sprout: 9. White fluffy bear hoodie :sprout:

:sprout: 1. Flowers :sprout: 2. Japanese dinner :sprout: 3. Ramen :sprout: 4. Neko in school uniform :sprout: 5. Funky Totoro crew – bored at uni :sprout: 6. Japan Impact 2013! :sprout: 7. White rice with umeboshi and Miso siru :sprout: 8. Silvankun still with long hair in Zermatt :sprout: 9. Nina once again ;) :sprout:

Omg, ok it’s really a looooooot impressions. Sorry for the images flood!! It’s been over a month since the last insta update..
I can’t wait for the week off on the beginning of April! Originally we had in mind to go to London but we haven’t booked anything yet so we’ll see. But I hope that I finally will have some real time off to visit places, take pictures and cooooook! (…make Bento). That’ s it for now cuties~ Im off to dreamland.

:sprout: 1. Underground tramway :sprout: 2. Monkey 47 Gin – my bbf said it was disgusting but the bottle is so stylish~ :sprout: 3. Earl Grey tea with lemon – L.O.V.E. :sprout: 4. Monster entry :sprout: 5. New Hoodie:sprout: 6. Madness monster :sprout: 7. Hello :sprout: 8. Starfruits are so pretty~ :sprout: 9. Headache :sprout:

Sweet dreams or party hardy!


Views of a Pomegranate

Views of a Pomegranate
Hey Cuties! :twinkles:
No special reason for this entry, just an extremely beautiful pomegranate that became subject of my photographical experiments.

Standing on the balcony in the snow for good lighting. :iida:

I can’t remember when I last bought a pomegranate but when I went to the supermarket and saw this one I just couldn’t resist. I’ve always liked these fruits because there’s something mysterious and important about them. It’s such a satisfaction to pick out one by one all the jucy acidulous grains but it also takes a lot of patience.

Pomegranates are believed to have many meanings such as longevity, fertility, prosperity, abundance and generosity. Here are a few myths and beliefs about the said fruit.

:sprout: “When Persephone, the queen of the underworld and vegetation goddes in greek mythology was held captive in Hades, she swore she would not partake of food until her release. However, she could not resist the tempting pomegranate, consuming nearly the entire fruit before halting herself and leaving only six seeds uneaten. It is from this story that believers think our yearly cycle of six months of growth and harvest followed by six months of winter is derived.” :sprout:

:sprout: “Berber women used pomegranates to predict the amount of their offspring by drawing a circle on the ground and dropping a ripe pomegranate in the center. The amount of seeds expelled outside the ring allegedly prophesied the number of her future children.” :sprout:

You can eat them brutally by using spoons and hands…. :ohnoo:

:sprout: “The Hittite god of agriculture is said to have blessed followers with grapes, wheat, and pomegranates. The seeds were sugared and served to guests at Chinese weddings. When it was time to consumate the marriage, pomegranates were thrown on the floor of the bedchamber to encourage a happy and fruitful union.” source :sprout:

or simply break the half in smaller pieces so that the arils pop out. :flyusagi:

How do you like pomgranates? I think their flavour is really refreshing because it slightly sour and astringend and so good in fruit drinks!
Can’t wait to eat many more of these during spring. :aiyo: