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John Lemon meets the Poppies

John Lemon meets the Poppies
Hey there Cutie Pies! :baburukeki:
How have you been doing all week long? I had some pretty busy days but am looking forward to a few days of snowboarding now! I don’t exactly know why but last week I spontaneously decided to actually give it a try and bake something myself. If you’re a reader of this blog, you probably know, that I’m not the most diligent baker and that I always fail at sticking to recipes, but since it was Valentine’s day I felt like overcoming myself and make muffins for my love and family.


Since I didn’t have any chocolate but many lemons, I looked-up a simple but tasty recipe by looking at the most mouth-watering pictures when entering “lemon muffins” in google pics. (Kudos to you MomGrind!)
You can imagine how happy I was to click on the image and get to the real easy recipe behind it! A recipe with an instruction of four steps and a list of basic ingredients that probably everyone has at home sounds foolproof enough to me!
Here’s what you need:
1 cup butter (225 g)
1 cup sugar (225 g)
1 + 1/2 cups flour (180 g)
1 teaspoon baking powder
3 eggs
1 lemon
1/2 teaspoon salt

The actual recipe says three large eggs and another three egg yolks but I found this to be a little too decadent for my habits so I just took three common Swiss eggs and lemon juice instead of lemon extract. To give it a little twist, I also added a handful of dried cranberries and some poppy seeds.


Here’s what you need to do in four simple steps:

1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F (180 C°) and line up your muffin cups (silicon or tin) with a paper cup inside.
2. Mix together the softened butter and the sugar with a wire whip until creamy and add the three eggs, salt and lemon juice. Gradually add the flour with the baking powder and whisk everything until smooth.
3. Take a handful of dried cranberries or something similar and stir in.
4. Fill up the cups with the creamy batter and sprinkle some poppy seeds on the surface of each one. Bake in the oven for about 25 min. or until until a toothpick inserted in the middle of a muffin comes out, without any batter sticking to it.


That’s all there is to it! We ate a few while on the road and even had some left for breakfast the next morning. They didn’t turn out like the original ones but that’s probably because like usual, I didn’t completely stick to the recipe. The cranberries were so yummy and fun inside and given that it’s the first time ever I tried baking something all alone, they turned out pretty nice I think. :etone:

Tomorrow I’ll already be on my way to Zermatt to finally see and feel some snow!! I can’t tell you how excited and happy I am about it. This winter was really sad and there was nearly no snow at all in the city and since I love snow and deep winter it kind of bothers me.. a lot!
Stay tuned for some more entries about Japan and maybe a short update from Zermatt :nekopaw:


Happy poppin’ V-day!

Happy poppin’ V-day!
Hey there Lovebirdies! :heartame:
I know, Valentine’s day is almost over but here’s something for my lovely Readers. :ii:

I drew this with the Paper53 app again. I kind of got used to the fact that you have to draw with your fingers and I even got more colors now. Don’t know why cake pops came to my mind but lately they’ve been everywhere in the Blogosphere. So Valentine’s day seemed like a perfect excuse to try doing them myself. If I had to tell you which step is the most fun, I would tell you that every step is! From baking the cake and crumbling it afterwards to choosing the different coatings and sprinkles there’s nothing about the procedure that isn’t fun. :raburabu:

Cake Pops

I baked these with my Valentine (his second name actually really is Valentin :miam: ) and now I’m sharing them with you.
We didn’t do anything special except of baking cake pops but I’ve never been an exemplary Valetine’s day reveler anyway. We only came back yesterday evening from our stay in a cottage with Silvakun’s friends and lots of snowboarding again. After almost two months university will start again on monday. I’m a little bit excited and curious but also slightly scared. Oh, I didn’t tell you yet but I passed the first semester! :iida: It took them ages to give out the results but now it’s finally official. Nevertheless I still have to book the classes for this semester but I haven’t decided yet.. :jupp:

If you care for the recipe, let me know! It’s really simple though and you can find them anywhere. The next entry will finally be about Milan, or at least a part of it. :totorosmile:
Lots of love and see you real soon. :on:


PS: There was so much dough that we did cake pops also today! :ghihi: And now we’re giving them away because they’re too many.. the chocolate ones are the best~ :tanoshii:

Mochimochi Daifuku

Mochimochi Daifuku
Hey there sweet peas~ :miam:
After my last attempt at Washoku (traditional Japanese cooking) I thought it was time for my next adventure. This time in Wagashi though! Wagashi is traditional Japanese confectionery. Yes you guessed it, the “wa” in both words means “traditional Japanese”. :smile:

Wanting to make Ichigo Daifuku イチゴ大福 (strawberry mochi) at this time of the year sounds pretty lunatic, doesn’t it? And well it really is a little crazy but crazy things are so much fun! Ichigo Daifuku is Mochi, a chewy and very sticky rice flour dough filled with Anko (sweet bean paste) and a whole strawberry. If your look for pictures of Mochi on the internet you will mostly find Mochi covered in potato starck because that’s the only way to handle them! Once touched the dough is really difficult to remove from your hands so the cute things need to be wrapped in a leaf, starch or soybean flour.

Personally Im more into the salty version of Mochi that is grilled and wrapped in a sheet of salty and roasted Nori and eaten with soy sauce. You can find it on top of soups or even in soups although the consistency then changes significantly. For some reason I don’t really enjoy the flour that is used to spread on top of Mochi so I made some glossy and wet ones and some floury ones.. :ha: The texture and feeling of the glossy ones is so much more my taste! hehe..

eee?! :eee: sweet Mochi with Nori? Oh yes please! I love the taste of Nori everywhere.. :tanoshii: it honestly tasted so good!

Basically its three things you need if you want to make simple Mochi: Mochiko (sweet rice flour), Anko (red bean paste) & water. For my Mochi I didn’t use Anko but Taromochi. The difficult thing is to handle the unbelievably sticky Mochi dough and wrapping it around the filling… but the feeling is priceless. Its so soft and bouncy and it feels like a living thing! :w:

Making Ichigo Daifuku with frozen strawberries isn’t the most clever idea.. but still tasty :wink:

To see what’s inside the other Mochi and look at some pics of the preparation, read on~
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