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Strawberry cocktails, oysters & a Ducati

Strawberry cocktails, oysters & a Ducati
Hallo Mädels! :ballerina:
Gestern hat in Zürich die “Lange Nacht der Mode” stattgefunden. Eigentlich war ich zu nem Starbucksevent eingeladen, aber ich hab kurzentschlossen meine Pläne geändert, mich mit Mirjam von Chic und schlau getroffen und Laura von gleich mitgenommen. Der Abend ging mit einem Abstecher im Globus los, wo mutig Unterwäsche an nicht mehr ganz so jungen Models präsentiert, und Erdbeercocktails geschlürft wurden. Nach dem zweiten Erdeebercocktail war die Stimmung bereits gelockert und das Eis gebrochen.


Ich war nicht sonderlich gut vorbereitet und hatte meine Kamera zu Hause gelassen aber die Fotos wären wohl mit oder ohne Kamera ziemlich verwackelt geworden da an diesem Abend reichlich Alkohol ausgeschenkt wurde. Ich hoffe ihr verzeiht mir die nicht ganz so nüchternen Schnappschüsse!


Eigentlich hatte ich gar nicht vor an dem Abend rauszugehen, geschweige denn Alkohol zu trinken aber nach dem zweiten Cocktail ging alles Schlag auf Schlag und irgendwie waren wir dann alle im Hiltl wo das Pärchen mit dem besten Look gekürt wurde. Ausserdem dachte ich, man könnte eine Ducati gewinnen und als Christa Rigozzi (eine ex Miss Schweiz) einen Namen aufrief von dem man nicht so genau erraten konnte, ob er männlich oder weiblich ist, ergriff ich die Gelegenheit beim Schopf und begab mich auf die Bühne. Sie drückte mir einen Gutschein in die Hand der aber nicht für eine Ducati war, sondern ein 100.- Gutschein für Ducati Zubehör. Leider meldete sich kurze Zeit später der echte Namensträger und ich musste ihm den Gutschein abgeben. :snif:


Es hat total Spass gemacht mit den Mädels (und den Jungs) abzufeiern und ich hatte einen echt verrückten und inspirierenden Abend. Vieles waren irgendwelche Schweizer Promis, mit denen ich mich nicht wirklich gut auskenne aber an dem Abend war mir irgendwie nichts peinlich und nach vielen lustigen Episoden und einem Abstecher im mcDonald’s war dann um vier Uhr morgens Zeit sich zu verabschieden. Meine Füsse tun jetzt noch weh (danke liebe Mirjam für den kurzen Schuhtausch, ich hoffe, ich habe sie dir nicht ruiniert :jupp: ) und am nächsten Morgen im mcDonald’s zu arbeiten war echt lustig.
Bleibt tapfer und bis nächstes Mal!

nekochansignature die Knoblauchkatze

Hey there!
Last thursday was the “long night of fashion” in Zurich. I was invited to a Starbucks event this evening, but I spontaneously changed my plans, met Mirjam of Chic&Schlau instead and took Laura of with me. The evening started with a short trip to the Globus (shopping mall), where the underwear was courageously presented by not so young models, and strawberry cocktails were sipped. After the second drink, the ice was broken.
I wasn’t prepared very well and I forgot my camera at home, but with or without a real camera, the pictures would have been quite shaky anyways, because there was a lot of alcohol that evening! Please excuse the not so sober snapshots!
I didn’t plan on going out that night nor drink alcohol, but after the second cocktail everything happened stroke upon stroke and somehow we ended up in the Hiltl club, where the couple with the best look was chosen. I also thought, I could win a Ducati, and when Christa Rigozzi (an ex-Miss Switzerland) called a name which could be female as well as male one, I seized the chance and went up on the stage. She gave me a coupon, which wasn’t for a Ducati bike, but a 100.- Ducati merchandise coupon. Unfortunately the real name bearer appeared shortly afterwards and I had to give him the coupon.
I had a lot of fun partying with the girls (and the boys) and it was a really crazy and inspiring evening. Some people were some kind of Swiss celebrities, which I really don’t know much about, but that evening, nothing was embarrassing and after a lot of funny episodes and a detour to McDonald’s, at four o’clock in the morning the time to say goodbye came. My feet still hurt (thank you Mirjam for the brief shoe exchange and I hope I didn’t ruin them) and working at McDonald’s the next day was really funny. Chins up and see you next time!

Eat my Kimchi heart

Eat my Kimchi heart
Happy Valentine’s day Lovelies! …or not? :catexclam:
Valentine’s day has never been a big thing for me but it’s an excuse to make kitschy things, so yay!
The idea was to make a Luna (you know, the smart black cat with a moon-shaped sign on her forehead from Sailor moon) Bento but I failed miserbaly. I had seen a pic of it somewhere on tumblr but it’s actually from here. After finishing her with all the details like the eyes, ears and even the moon sign, I somehow didn’t like it because it looked too comic-like so I cut her in half and made two strange onigiri out of it. No hard feelings Luna! I’m just not good enough in making Kyaraben.


When I showed the Bento to my boyfriend he first didn’t recognize the kimchi heart but only saw the juiciness… (but you can see it, right? ..right?!) Kimchi is has become a popular filling for rice balls in Japan and we’re both head over heels in love with it. The other one has the typical pickled Japanese plum (umeboshi) in the center and heart-shaped, pickled ginger. I had some left over roast veal from my mum which I heated up in the pan with some mirin, soy sauce and suagr to make it teriyaki style.


It’s not the most romantic Valetine’s treat but at least I stayed true to my style. If you want to have a look at more lovey-dovey entries check these:

The box I used is new and it’s the first time I use it! The wood smells divinely and I love how fresh the colors look with the wooden background. I got the box from a very special place in Fukuoka and I’m looking forward to tell you a little bit more about it in a future entry!
Do you have any special plans for Valentine’s day? We’re not doing anything special today but we’re going to spend the weekend in Italy to get some fresh air, hard work and maybe some decent sleep?
I wish you all a happy day with lots of chocolate or other things and people you love! :iida:



PS: you can still see Luna’s cat ears in the corners of the bento box! :oh:

Picnic with Kumamon

Picnic with Kumamon
Konnichiwa Lovelies! :rabukuma:
Kumamon (くまモン) is a mascot from the Kumamoto prefecture located on the island of Kyushu. He is relatively young and was created only four years ago to draw tourists to the region. Be it in crane games, on drinking bottles or commercials, while travelling through the different regions of Japan we often encountered him. First, I didn’t like him that much but over time he became so familiar that I even got him as keychain from the shop on the ferry from Osaka to Kitakyushu. Yeah, merchandising works!

Kyushu is well known for their natural wooden bento boxes and I’ve been patiently waiting for ages to get one. They are expensive when you buy them online and the same when you get them in Japan. I tried several places but there weren’t so many stores who sold them because even in Japan they’re quite special because artisans make them. I always loved the woven ones but the plain wooden ones are even more elegant.


I spotted this exemplar in a friendly shop in Fukuoka, after I had tried to convince the lady from the department store nearby to give me the last one of their really fancy artisan boxes for less, and immediately liked it. I got it for a reasonable price and I think it’s from China. It may not be the ultimate traditional Japanese box but I haven’t seen one like this befor so I’m totally happy with it.


Kumamon is filled with rice and tuna-mayo so basically it’s a tuna-mayo onigiri. I love tuna-mayo and my bf does too so I made this one for him. Then there’s green beans wrapped in bacon, sausages, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and half an egg. If you wonder how I did the Kumamon face I can post a tutorial but it’s pretty simple. You just need a red bell pepper or tomato for the cheeks and some fishcake. Many people use cheese but that’s so not according to my taste and if you use white fishcake (Kamaboko) instead, the white of the eyes will be much more shiny than with yellowish cheese!


That was my Kumamon Bento! I don’t usually do Kyaraben (character bento) but this one is really easy because you don’t need special ingredients or techniques and it didn’t take me too long to finish it.
What do you think? Do you like my wooden bento box?
I have two more wooden boxes but I’ll show them to you in a later entry.
Take care and have an awesome and productive week guys!