Candy Bird ☆

Candy Bird ☆
As I wrote yesterday, today I am going to present Candy Bird to you. Based in the South of France, Candy Bird has worked since 2008 as an independent illustrator. After having dabbled with Expressionist painting, Candybird is now exclusively dedicated to digital art & illustration. She illustrates childrens books, and has held exhibitions with her ladies as far away as the USA. Som of her works can be found in the art books “Rainy Style“, “Sweet Illustration” and “The Garden of Eye Candy“. I like her art because it’s mostly black and white. Nevertheless she uses small amounts of other colors in her black and white works and that makes them look a little kitschy to me.

Her art works involve cute girls with a touch of Lolita. No, this time I don’t mean the Lolita originating in Japan but Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita, the child-woman. I decided to post only the ‘slightly’ lolitesque pictures because I don’t really like this concept. Yes I’m strange… On one side I love the cute facial expressions (I love the slightly pissed off look) on the other side I think it has something grotesque to me to look at the dollish, mannequin-like bodies of the girls in her art. This happens often to me in art. There are clearly attributes I don’t like here but all in all the attraction is stronger than the repulsion so I just had to show you some of her art works.
To gain a little insight into this artist’s life I merged two different Interviews I found on the web. Please enjoy!

Where do you live and what do you love about your hometown?
:swirlheart: I live in the South of France and I like the sun and the sea which is less than one hour from my house. I like to live near the city as well as being close to nature.

What did you have for breakfast?
:swirlheart: I had hot chocolate. I don’t like coffee. And I’m going to buy French pastries almost every morning. I can’t do without.

What an interesting name, CandyBird, where did this come from?
:swirlheart: Strangely, I woke with this name in my head…it was so obvious. It had to be this one and no other…

Tell us about a regular day in the life of Candy Bird
:swirlheart: My days can vary a lot. But generally I wake up around 8 – 9 am. I don’t need alarm clock because my cat wakes me up! First I answer my emails and after that I work as an illustrator all day. I work at home and it is not easy to stop working. Sometimes I work all through the evening too!

What do you enjoy most about making art? Dislike?
:swirlheart: I like to create in succession, spontaneously, without learned studies or prepared sketches. I know however that sketches can be very useful for bringing some change in drawings, but I am too impatient for this. I appreciate the small details at the end the instant when the drawing is practically done, and where all small details are going to come in to prettify it…

There are a lot of animal references in your work, does this inspiration come about often and why?
:swirlheart: The animals are often present in my work. I think they are silent assistants who watch over my pieces. I like to put sadness and melancholy in my drawings. My animals are there to bring the softness or to alleviate those which accompany them.

I first noticed your work in Pink Attitude, how did this opportunity and your involvement come about?
:swirlheart: I met Enrica Mannari, while Pink Attitude was being planned and she saw my bio on Myspace. She appreciated my illustrations and then offered me to participate in this splendid book, from which several exhibitions followed.

Where do you get your ideas for your ladies from?
:swirlheart: Sometimes it comes from an emotion of a photograph, sometimes music and a feeling that follows. Sometimes I even begin drawing without a definite idea, and I let myself be guided by the candidness of the instant.

You have recently illustrated Cinderella, do you plan on doing more book illustrations?
:swirlheart: Yes, I’m working on another book as well but can’t say much about it at this moment.

In the kitchen, what’s your speciality dish?
:swirlheart: I cook very little… I don’t like cooking. But sometimes I cook very good cakes or pies.

How will you be celebrating Halloween? Will you be wearing a costume?
:swirlheart: Oops, I should hurry because I still don’t know.

Serious question: Pumpkin pie or marshmallows?
:swirlheart: Pumpkin pie, of course!

To see more of her art works, read on!

I hope you enjoy my art related posts!
You encounter pretty amazing things on the internet and I would love to share some of the art on this blog. I hope you don’t mind! Of course I’ll keep it as Japanese as desired :totorosmile: .. The art of Candy Bird is rather Manga-eque itself so I hope you enjoyed it!


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  1. What a nice art ! Just by see them I feel like “I want to sketch something now!” lol :klimper:
    And I took some of that emotics , may I ?? :nyanyan:

  2. der stil gefällt mir total^^

    ich mag meine nase nicht sonderlich… ich find sie zu spitz. irgendwer hat mich mal mit ner spitzmaus verglichen

  3. They’re gorgeous! (♥∀♥)

    I love the colours – black & white with a light touch of pink. The mix between creepiness and cuteness make the dolls look very cool! :happy:

    And thank you for the Cherry Culture review! You look so cute with the bearear-hood.:nyan: According to your hair: the messier the better! I like it (*・3<)ノ

  4. Neko-Chan! Thanks for sharing this. I love all the work you’ve displayed and I also enjoy learning about the artist. <3 Thank you so much~

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