Can someone teach me how to love this city?

Can someone teach me how to love this city?
I’m already getting bored with the Moscow entries and I don’t really know what to tell you about the trip because I didn’t like it too much and I’ll just end nagging about how hard it was. I’ve never been homesick in my entire life until my trip to Moscow. I hope nobody gets offended while reading this. :arigatou: I’m sure Moscow is full of nice and hospitable people but we weren’t too lucky. It’s quite embarrassing but I even had to cry and didn’t want to leave the hotel room anymore because we were having such awkward and unpleasant sutuations. I think it’s definitely better to know someone who lives there and can show you the city like a real Moscovite. :boxkitten:

The second day Silvankun had a wonerful idea. We took a boat on the Moskva river like real tourists do and enjoyed the sight of this huge city with its mind-blowing buildings from the water. The city really is impressing but I would never want to live there. I’m quite sure though that I would have loved everything else in Russia. It’s too strange to read these words myself because I always said that I feel comfortable everywhere but this time I wasn’t crying because I had to leave (like I usually do) but because I was going back to Switzerland. The next time I’m going to Russia I’m definitely going to see the country and not the city of Moscow. Ok, I know it must be unusual to read such harsh words but that’s how I feel. Nyaaa sorry guys, I’m in a really bad mood so I shouldn’t keep writing.. :sigh:
If you’re interested in looking at the pictures though, you should “read on”.. But don’t expect to see the classical pictures of buildings everyone knows… I like to take pictures of unusual things :baloonpanda: Most of you probably already know that. :hehe:


PS: I’m so excited to show you nekoblog’s new layout!! There are still some things that need to be optimised but I think it will be finished in the next days.

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  1. I’m sorry you’re not enjoying your trip very much, how much longer do you have left? I hope that you start to feel better soon! xx

  2. Poor Neko, hope you’ll next trip (to Russia) will be better :crying: The picture are wonderful nevertheless. I like the one with you and Silvan-kun, you guys look sooooo small in front of the giant buildings :oh:

    Waai, new Layout :hehe: I am excited and curious how nekoblog is going change :D mihoshappylife need a change too >.<

    How was your gardening weekend in Italy? :nyanyan: :nyanyan: :happy:

  3. I’m sorry that you’re not enjoying Moscow. I think you should tell us about the experiences D: Why has it been bad? I’ll be looking forward to NekoBlog’s new layout!

  4. @ Sarah: I’m already back! It’s that that everything was totally bad but it wasn’t a very enjoyable trip neither.. Thank you for your sweet words though :swirlheart:

    @ Miho-chan: Nyaaa I’m happy you like the pictures!! :aiyo: You’re so right with the tiny humans in front of the huge buildings :D The gardening was great! I will post a picture of my vegetable patch on fb :wink:

    @ Eden-Avalon: It was the small things like for example expensive but really rundown hotel rooms, people who barged against us, poorly interconnected infrastructure of public transport, cars that were going way too fast, and many very awkward and unfriendly encounters with people who seemed to look down on us. It was all about business and pretty much nothing about hospitality. :nyan: Anyway, I’m sure that you can have a much better experience with a little bit more luck and planning than we had/did :klimper:

  5. It’s okay to decide you don’t like a place (that’s part of why we travel; to find out things we like and don’t like, to learn more about ourselves rather than just about the places we go to) :)

    I think that people from Eastern Europe in general aren’t exactly famous for being warm and super-friendly ^^;; I tend to put it down to all those years of Communism and being pushed around by the Russians (but then…what excuse do the Russians have?! lol).

    Try to focus on the things you *are* enjoying about the trip, maybe that’ll help :nyanyan:

  6. Wow, that bites. I have never been into that situation though I would get sick if I stayed more than 1 week because of certain food or drinks (like milk) It’s almost sad that you couldn’t enjoy yourself. I hope you’ll have a better time next time. :happy:

  7. I’m sorry to hear you had rough time and wonder what happened to you there.. but I really appreciate your honest post (makes it more interesting to read too)! I always think Moscow is very unique place to visit in both good and bad way. So your post makes me feel I was kind of right, haha! The photos are beautiful and sushi looks so good!! xo akiko
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  9. @ Rhiannon: Thank you for your kind and honest words! I ended up thinking the same thing… communism must have been incredibly hard.. sounds stupid, I know, but it’s difficult to imagine what communism really is without having lived it! I could definitely feel the communism vibed in Moscow but also the oligarchy vibes.. tense city!

    @ Mici: Brauchen Gürteltiere Gürtel? … war nur Spass… ich finds nur komisch auf Blogs auf entries mit einem völligen off topic comment zu antworten und null auf den Inhalt einzugehen :nope: Aber scheint bei vielen Deutschen bloggers so zu sein… :ghihi:

    @ Chani: Fortunatley I didn’t stay for more than 4 days!! :hehe:

    @ Piperita Patty: hehe I can imagine that! In a survey came out that Paris is listed as most unfriendly place in Europe followed by London and Moscow… But I read that afterwards.. :tongue:

    @ Mei: nyaaa* glad you like the pictures Mei! :aiyo: I totally recommend you to visit it because it’s rather unique!! but than again, every place is unique.. but the atmosphere was really totally different from everywhere I’ve been until now.

    @ Akiko: Akiko :blinkheart: I’m relieved not to be the only one feeling like this! Thank you for your motivating words!

  10. I’m sorry to hear you had a tough time there.. I have a Russian friend from Moscow.. and he hates it lol. Don’t blame you, on a positive note, it’s very stunning there!

  11. :)
    I have no idea if it’s just the two of us, or if it’s the city itself, but I felt the same exact way. I went to Russia last august, alone and I had a very … unpleasant time there.I felt so homesick, I had a panic crisis, and had the irrational fear I’d never be able to go back to France.It felt very heavy, grey and sad there for some reason. However I really want to go back with friends, and some of my russian acquaintances. Maybe it’ll be better this way :)

    • wuaaah I had the exact same feeling with the irrational thought of being unable to go back to Switzerland! But I’m sure Russia is beautiful… Next time I’ll go with the Trans-Siberian Railway :)

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