Braids and Plaits

Braids and Plaits
fishtail, milkmaid, french and ribbon braids. There are so many different ways to plait you hair! That is if your hair is shoulder-length or longer. This summer runways were all about braids, from complicated forms at Alexander McQueen to classical at Hermès and ValentinoBraids have always been an important part in styling since ancient times. Braids can make you look elegant, romantic, wild, cute, neat or sexy. Brides wear them in one way, schoolgirls in an other but both can look great. I like braids especially on days when I did not wash my hair. I almost never wear my hair open so braids are a nice variation to my usual ponytail or bun and I just love how braids accentuate my highlights. Too bad I’m not that talented in plaiting hair. In fact I’m a real newbie when it comes to hair styling. Fortunately a braid can be very messy and still look cute and romantic.

This summer I’ve been wearing the classical braid because that’s the only one I can do. Besides looking good it keeps your hair away from your neck and your face and that’s a real benefit on hot days in the city. A few days ago however I tried to make the fishtail braid but I didn’t had the time or patience to finish it propperly and it turned out looking weird or at least not like it should be. On the picture below you can see a waterfall braid on the left side and a fishtail braid on the right. I really love that shade of lipstick! I think it looks very good on brunettes.

What do you think about braids? childish or cool? I can’t wait to improve my plaiting skills to show you some pictures! I for my part am more into irregular braids. If I braid my hair too neatly I risk looking even younger than I already do. It’s difficult to describe why I like braids but somehow they remind me of goddesses, fairy tales, mountains and the middle ages. All things I like :twinkles: Women and Men braided their hair in ancient times. Ancient Finns believed people who could make really good braids could tame the winds.

To see more pictures, read on!

Isn’t Rihanna’s red braided hair amazing? She looks like a queen.

byebye ねこちゃん :lipstick:

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  1. Beautiful!! I recently fell in love with plaits – but my hair is layered and doesn’t plait easily. I’ve decided to grow it out into a mostly single length so I can start styling it again!

    • I know that problem but if it’s not too layered it’s still possible to braid it! (depending on what kind of braid you want..) sure, the result is completely different from the one with single lenght hair but it still looks cute :wink:

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