Yay! today was my last day of school for the next two weeks!! (here in Switzerland they call it “Sportsholidays”) This afternoon we went taking photo booth pictures. It’s an old photo booth and the last of its kind in all of Zürich!! When I was about thirteen, fourteen, there were more of them but now they got replaced by some newer versions. We loved them because they were so cheap!! (and usually the pictures came out very nice) For a stripe with four pictures you just needed to pay one Swiss Franc!! That’s about one Dollar.. In Switzerland everything is reeaally expensive!! The price for photo booth pictures has quadruplicated or even more.. For me the old photo booths had simply vanished!!

This oldschool black&white photo booth stands somewhere in the middle of the city and has somehow managed to survive!! We heard about it from a friend. It looks pretty shabby but it actually still works!!

For those who live in Zürich and want to visit: Goldbrunnenstrasse 128

Here some shots

Well that’s it for now :aiai:

I’ll be back soon with more entries!

byebye ねこちゃん

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  1. Hey Hey.. I’m gonna go today.. take some nice oldschool pictschaaas.. :)
    who knows for how long it’ll stand there.. the old photo booth..

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