Black & Snow

Black & Snow
Hey snow and beach bunnies! :jumpingrabbit:
How is your week going? I’m having quite the stressful days but last saturday it suddenly started snowing over night and when I woke up it was still snowing and everything was covered in white. I don’t know what it is exactly about snow that makes me feel so happy and alive but there’s definitely magic when it starts snowing. Actually I had in mind to study really hard on that day but I just couldn’t resist going out and take photos. When I came back, my fb and instagram feed were crammed with pictures of snowy balconies but no one was crazy enough to actually go out that morning to take pictures. Or maybe I’m just behaving like a child when it starts snowing. :heartame: I remember getting excited every year over the first snow falls. I think animals go slightly crazy too when winter suddenly breaks in.

As usual my partner in crime was Silvankun, my boyfriend. You may wonder about my really unlogical and inappropriate outfit for a frosty and snowy winter day… well I can’t really give you an explanation for that but I bought the dress after a really frustrating day at uni and the shoes were standing in my closet since I got them about two months ago so I wanted to wear both. :nyan: So I picked my nikon and my love and went for a walk. Or should I say for a stumble?
It was almost impossible for me to walk in these shoes and I don’t think I could wear them normally. But not even the extremely tall heels Ive never walked on kept me from trying posing in the snow. As you can see though on my red nose and hands it was freezing cold and my hair got all wet. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a real outfit post because you can barely see the dress I’m wearing but I wanted to share some of the pics with you guys because I’m really enjoying the snow. :tanoshii:

The snow has melted since then but today it started snowing again.. (how many times have I already written the word snow in this post?!? :youreweird: ) Anyway, I can’t wait to ride on the mountains! Do you like winter sports? I do :on: But for the next two weeks Ill be trapped behind books and assignments and won’t have the time to blog. I’ll miss reading all your lovely blogs but I’ll be back as soon as possible reading & commenting & writing as usual. I wish all of you who are experiencing the same final exams stress good luck and endurance!

I’m definitely going to take more decent shots of this dress but for now I hope you enjoyed the wintery pictures~ byebye,

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  1. the snow looks really pretty in these photos! love those shoes too, even if they were uncomfortable to walk in through the snow haha :)

  2. Thank you ^^ and I love these pictures. So beautiful! I love when it´s snowing, it´s just so beautiful : >

  3. Oh! Soooo cute photos!!! <3
    Where have you bought this nice umbrella? It looks cool… :-)

  4. Wooow it’s really snowing a lot :aiyo: . I went all crazy with just melting snow already (though while I was reading bigger flakes started to fall wooow :crying: )
    The picture with your boyfriend is super cute. And you both are cute of course!
    Same as you, I’ll be studying for 2 weeks and then it’ll be winter sports \o/ I love skiing! :bang:

  5. Brrr, it really looks cold, but it also is very cold here in Japan.
    -2°C tonight (too cold for early December). When I came home it had 8°C INSIDE of my apartment. I really hate the bad insulation in here.
    I’m used to -20°C from back home, but at least inside it’s warm! ;o; …..

    I love that you and your boyfriend seem to have the exact same eye color! ^^

  6. Ohhh, to have snow fall in my yard… darn you San Antonio, Texas weather. It was in the 50s this morning and now its in the 70s.

    You and your hunny look so sweet and I think it’s perfectly acceptable to wear what you’re wearing! You look fabulous!

  7. Woah, ganz schön viel Schnee! Bei uns schmilzt immer alles direkt weg. Das Blödsinnsfoto mit dir und deinem Freund ist das Beste. :D Sehr süß!

  8. Oh my goodness you have snow! Also well done for wearing heels in the snow – that’s not easy! These pics look so fun.

  9. You’re really pretty and I love your eyes. :3 I really enjoyed the pictures.

    I really wish I could feel what you’re feeling when the first snow flake falls. Sometimes, I hate our country… NO SNOW. -___-

    Good luck for finals!! :))

  10. Beautiful photos! I adore the snow too and miss it very much since it doesn’t snow much over here. You look adorable and so does your boyfriend! x

  11. In Milan the first snow fell today :D I love it too…except when I have to use a motorbike XD
    Great look and I love Silvansan’shat :D

    I read your comment only now, I hope you’ll make it to thye artisan fair because it’s definely worth it! Here’s the link to the official site:

  12. :tanoshii: SNOW!!! :3 I love snow…my first time seeing snow was 2 years ago. It was amazing! And my friend’s cat was so curious with the snow that we let her out in the balcony and she made tiny little paw prints in the snow :nekopaw: :starlove: It was the cutest thing ever.

    nyuu |

  13. Haha, actually I was also restraining myself… because as soon as it started snowing I wanted to dress up and have my photo taken, too :D unfortunately my boyfriend wasn’t home so I missed the “first excitement” of taking photos in the snow. And now… I’m just busy as hell… I hope you’re doing well on your exams! FIGHTING!!! :twinkles:

  14. Oh ich konnte mich gar nicht entscheiden. So viele schöne und süße Emotions :tanoshii:

    Und ich möchte mich bedanken :3 Für das Lesen meines Blogs und auch für das kommentieren <3 :jumpingrabbit:

    Habe solche noch in schwarz. Die sind super und eine meiner liebsten Schuhsorten die ich besitze. :rabukuma:

    Du bist eine so wunderschöne Frau !! Besonders zusammen mit dem Schnee finde ich die Bilder super.

  15. The weather has been so strange over here in New York. It’s been 60 degrees outside :( Definitely does not feel like December.

  16. wow look at the crazy snow! I heard my hometown got 14 inches of snow…now that I’m in a warmer climate, I miss the snow.

    Thank you for your encouraging comment on my last post. I really appreciate it!


  17. :hionigiri: It doesn’t snow in here and I’m feeling really really envious of your pictures.*u* I’d love to learn to ski and ice skate and all those. =n= We only have “rainy seasons” here. Nothing compared to “winter” :sigh:

    I think you did a good job considering how snowy and cold it was. :D

    I love buying shoes with tall heels but I don’t really know how to use them so they’re just sitting in my closet. It’s still a mystery to me how some women can walk in them. T_T

    Can’t wait for more of your pictures~ Your shots are always so beautiful :swirlheart:

  18. These snowy pictures are so beautiful! You are brave to wear heeled boots out in it, I am always slipping and sliding around! It was supposed to snow last weekend here and I was planning on doing a fun shoot, but didnt end up snowing until during the week when I have work and couldn’t! Oh well, there will be many more snows here in Colorado to play in!
    Hope you’re having a wonderful day!
    xo Hannah

  19. Wow, I really love your snow pictures! They are so pretty, really *-*
    And yeah, I wear circle lenses! Thank you for your nice comment <3

  20. Just asking were you okay wearing those in the snow? And where do you live? O_O Here in London, we have not seen a drop of snow which is sad because we usually get in Jan/Feb but it looks like pouring there.

    Cute shoes though!

  21. Unglaublich schöne Fotos! Ich liebe die Umgebung mit dem Schnee und ich liebe dein Outfit :)

    Du bist so süß ^^

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