Baumstriezel and other goodies

Baumstriezel and other goodies
Hello Sunshines! :twinkles:
How is the Christmas shopping going? Despite Christmas being so close I haven’t found many presents yet. I’m really not good at thinking of gifts at command and I prefere much more to make presents when I accidentally stumble upon something I just know it’s perfect for a specific person but spending money on a mass product that you can find around every corner is just so not my style (at least mostly :nope: ). I’m not regretting my decision though since I feel really pitiful for all the stressed people out there chasing presents for their loved ones. I prefer strolling through the streets and stores and feasting on the beautiful Christmas decorations and the scent of mulled wine in the air. Maybe I just grew out of the age when Christmas is all about the presents and am starting to appreciate other things like being with family and friends. Do you decorate your home during this time of the year? We had a really small Christams tree in a pot last year but it didn’t grow well and now one side is pretty bald so I’m afraid I will have to plant this poor little thing in the garden and get a new one. :snif:
I like having a little bit of Christmas feeling at home but I haven’t really found the time for it this year so I decided to cheer myself up with Christmas markets. :totorosmile:

The shop I liked best was a tiny shop selling Baumstriezel. The origin of this pastry is uncertain but it is traditional for Romania, Hungary and Slovakia. The dough consists of flour, yeast, sugar, eggs, milk, butter & salt. The thin yeast pastry ribbon is then wound around a wooden cylinder and baked over charcoal fire. It is sweetened with sweet spices, the most common being cinnamon, topped with walnuts or almonds, and sugar. The caramelized sugar on the surface, creates a sweet, crisp crust. Due to the fact that like the Baumkuchen it is baked around a wooden cylinder is often confused with it but the only thing they have in common is the hole in the middle. Baumkuchen is an Austrian speciality that is very popular in Japan.
It was the first time for me trying Bumstriezel and I loved it. The weather was really windy and towards the end of the evening it was also drizzling so we were happy to have this hot and yummy cake. :jumpingrabbit:

To follow ねこちゃん to the Christmas market, read on!

The simplest decoration is often the most beautiful.. don’t you think so?

Me, posing in front of a rundown house.. I love backgrounds like this..

… still sticking to the fox scarf and the red boots :wink:

Ok, ok now I’m showing you some stalls at the Christmas market :tongue:

I like cute mushrooms as Christmas decoration!

There were many little shops selling scented bath salts and incense in tubes with rose petals and other flowers and herbs. They were quite expensive though so I resisted them and decided to make my own bath salt someday!

Naturally colored and scented soaps and bath boms as far as your eyes can reache..

Silvankun checking out all the delicacies.. of course you could try them :klimper:

Decoration made of beautiful lace.. :swirlheart:

A little bit of Venice in Konstanz!

I love this picture.. :smile:

Two days ago we went to the Christmas market in Zurich but we didn’t like it at all. The people were so different than the ones in Konstanz. No children, families and couples but mostly yuppies drinking alcohol…

The Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich

The Christmas market in Zurich takes place in the hall of the main station

Gingerbread hearts and other goodies

And last but not least, the silly Swarovski Christmas tree.. it is decorated with Swarovski jewels.. :eee:

I don’t like this tree because it’s always shielded so that nobody can steal something and it’s so overloaded with decoration that one can’t see the green of the tree anymore.. :crying: But the tourists like it.
So that’s it with my picture loaded Christmas market entry! I hope I was able to transmit a little bit of Chritmas feeling. :twinkles:


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  1. We don’t have proper markets for Christmas in Tuscany. There some German markets in the main cities. I already start my christmas purchase but I’m usually not that big fan of this kind of holidays. I don’t even decorate my house.

    The Life After

    • Well if you live in Tuscany you really don’t need this kind of things!!! Tuscany is B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L.!!!! :starlove:

  2. We don’t have markets like that here, but when I think of Christmas, I think of markets like this! I really like the decorations and how the walls had light that shined stars on them.

    • Ok so apparently my dads computer won’t let me ‘log in’ to comment but it’s me Bun Bun haha :D

      Christmas markets make me feel SO festive! Though I agree that jewel tree is a bit much. Christmas tress should look all cozy and red and gold not cold and icy! xxx :swirlheart:

  3. so many good pics!! i love the pic you love, too (: (: (: also, i was just curious and wanted to know, where do you get your emoticon set from?! :D they’re toooo cute and i want, too!

  4. @ laura-bee: I’m happy you saw the stars! I liked them too :starlove:

    @ Maisy: Hey Bun Bun :hehe: what do you mean with “log in”? The tree is awfully overloaded, I’m glad someone agrees with me :totorosmile:

    @ Akiko: hehe so I’m not the only one :nope:

    @ sgrmse: Thank you :wink: I collected my emoticons from all over the web.. a hard piece of work :ghihi: Of course you can use them if you like!

    • darlin’, i was wondering if you do site designs. and if yes, what’re your charges like? :3 please drop me an e-mail back on this—i’m thinking about changing my blog layout for the new year! thanks so much!! BIG XO

  5. I just wanted to say I’ve been reading your blog for a while and really like it !!! :blinkheart: Regards from Hungary :wink:
    P.S. Those Baumstriezel (‘kürtöskalács’ here) look nice in the photo :totorosmile:

  6. I usually buy my gifts online and have them shipped to me, no hassle! But there’s always someone (ie my boyfriend) who I always have to shop for and that is always super stressful! And since I usually finish my exams late, I always have to waive in and out of crowds during the Christmas time rush. :snif:

    Wow, I wish we had a Christmas market! I love going to things like that but I can never seem to find them where I live. But I also don’t go out much so that might be why…

  7. I have a terrible time picking presents. My youngest sister is the easiest to shop for because she usually wants a video game or something. My Aunt usually wants some luxury item, shoes or a handbag. My Uncle is the WORST. Absolute worst. I’ve actually gotten him SOCKS because that was what he finally decided he wanted. =w=

    Granted, I celebrate Yule not Christmas. But the decorations and meaning are more or less the same. Baumstriezel looks so yummy!

    I love reading your picture-heavy posts. All your shots are gorgeous, but not in an artificial tourist kind of way. <3 Thanks for sharing your trip!

  8. uh.. ich kannte baumstriezel gar nicht o.o …

    btw. tunamayo schmeckt auch besser… aber ich hatte keine mayo dabei und irgendwie krieg ich bei mayo n schlechtes gewissen … da könnte man gleich an nem klumpen butter lutschen XD

  9. Quest’anno anch’io sento molto l’atmosfera natalizia! Ho fatto l’albero di natale venerdì (ma il mio è finto).
    Quest’anno sono stata bravissima con i regali, è da fine agosto che li compro, me ne mancano solo due. Però devo riuscire a incartarli e darli tutti, aiuto!
    Adoro i mercatini di Natale! *_*
    Ho assaggiato un baumstriezel alla cannella alla fiera dell’artigianato, buonissimo!
    A me l’albero swaroski piace per via dell’effetto ghiaccio (e poi luccica), ma un albero sorvegliato a vista è un po’triste.
    Mi piace un sacco l’abbinamento di sciarpa e stivali!

  10. beautiful pictures! i wish we had a christmas market like yours in here too~
    also the picture of you in front of the door is very pretty ♪

  11. Wow, everything looks so beautiful in the Christmas markets! I wish we had something similar :snif: And I like your outfit.

    I’ve never heard of Baumstriezel before but it looks really nice and sounds delicious.

  12. @ Hana: oh wow thanks! I’m glad that someone from Hungary is reading my blog =) I would love to visit Hungary one day..

    @ Momoneko: they’re cute, aren’t they?! :happy:

    @ Richelle: buying gifts online isn’t a bad idea at all!! Maybe I should give it a try? I can understand your boyfriend.. I think if I could I would do the same thing :wink:

    @ Ava: hahaha your comment made me laugh :ghihi: your uncle must be a very nice person! How cute is that to only want socks for Christmas?!! I’m glad you like my pictures =) And Baumstriezel are very yummy indeed :hehe:

    @ Nic nic: Thank you for the compliments!! I’m glad you like them :raburabu:

    @ Mici: hahaha, ja ich weiss was du meinst ich hab bei tuna mayo auch immer ein elends schlechtes gewissen… aber es schmeckt so gut!!! :oh:

    @ Piperita Patty: ma che disciplina che hai!!! a me l’albero swarovsi piacerebbe anche ma secondo me l’hanno riempito troppo.. preferisco anch’io il giaccio e il bianco ma qui non vedi quasi più l’albero.. ma in Italia fa freddo?!? a me manca la neva.. senza neve non e molto festivo.. =( e grazie per il complimento!! sei l’unica che ha scritto qualcosa :nyan:

    @ Zuzana: Thank you! :arigatou: I like Baumstriezel too!

    @ rosa: yaaay someone liked my rundown door shot! Thank you rosa! :iida:

    @ trishies: You have other amazing things there! :miam:

    @ Vermillion: hehe thank you! I’m happy you like it :starlove: Baumstriezel are delicious!! If you have the chance, grab one :klimper:

  13. I love gingerbread hearts so much! Generally I’m really addicted to Gingerbread! I just LOVE it so much!
    …two years ago when I worked at a supermarket, after christmas all the christmas sweets were 50% off. Additionally I got 5% off because I worked there. And I bought TWENTY boxes of gingerbread…! well, in the end I didn’t even ate the half of it, somehow for that year it was too much then. xD I gave a lot too my family then. ^^
    (sorry for the random story, but this just came to my mind while seeing your picture from the gingerbread hearts ^^°)

  14. christmas market?! im so jealousss! it looks amazingg! and i would like to try those pastries some day <333


  15. I’m terrible of thinking up a Christmas wishlist at command as well!

    Your photos want me to go back to Europe for Christmas. It’s just so wintery and magical!

  16. :hello: ahh i love baumstreizel so much! but here in berlin i only ever see it sold by a hungarian company under a hungarian name, i had no idea there was an austrain version too!

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