Baby Blue

Baby Blue
Who would have thought this? an other neko outfit post?! :jupp:
Well I know that this blog has never been too much about my clothes or how I wear and combine them but lately I felt like documenting some of my coords… I guess I love shoes, bags and clothes in general like most other women out there and I dare to say that over the years I have accumulated one or two lovely pieces. :klimper: The thing is, that I don’t like to look too dressed up so in the end, my outfits always end up looking rather plain and childlike. Don’t you think? Maybe it’s also because I mostly wear cotton and cotton isn’t very “adult”.. and because I don’t wear a lot of accessoires.

#nyaa# I still got a tan!! :bling: most time I’m white as chalk… :hm:

I like to take pics in unusual places because I think that they show off the colors so I hope you don’t mind the weird settings! :nope:
As you might noticed my wardrobe consists mainly of blue, white, black & red pieces. I would like to try more funky colors as well but for now I will show you my usual styles.. :swirlheart:

The look is still summery but not as beachy as the other one, isn’t it? It’s more a cityadapted version of the last one… how do you like it? Red is my favourite color and I always feel strong and good when wearing red so you will find something red in most of my outfits. Yet sometimes I don’t feel like it because it’s too vibrant.

The red purse is a gift from my little sister the necklace a gift from my mother and the sandals are from Silvankun. :blinkheart: I’m pretty into outfit posts right now so I can promise you that there will be a next one!
What are you up to lovelies? :twinkles:


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  1. As the other time I love the colour combo!!! Cotton is the best in my opinion. Silk is viscid, wool sometimes is scratchy and synthetic make you smell bad in summer.
    I don’t like the shoes so much, but they fit the context well. And your necklace is really cute.

  2. @ Lou: Grazie Lou :miam: mint is so pretty!!! :swirlheart:

    @ Piperita Patty: hahaha you’re right about the other textiles.. cotton is so comfy! :on: Thank you~

  3. Nice comby, Neko-chan :tanoshii: I love it when people mix the colour red and blue – but I have never tried this combination before… (No guts maybe :nope: )

    uhh red nails :aiyo: now it’s time to dress up our toe nails :whistle: *yay*

  4. @ Miho-chan: thank you dear :swirlheart:

    @ モモネーコ☆: ありがとう :blinkheart: only the pictures in the middle were taken with a smart phone ;)

  5. :hirabbit:

    Ich find das dir blau echt gut steht :ii:
    Die Sandalen sind echt süüüüß <3

    Jetzt wo ich mir die Farvkombie anschaue erinnert es mich etwas an so Sailor-look :etone:

    echt hübsch :nyanyan:

    :etone: ich mag die smilies auf deinem Blog :baburukeki:

  6. Ahhh, my wardrobe is mostly black… not really but for some reason, I always end up wearing black :crying: At least I wears accessories. I really love the combination of red and blue. I don’t know why, it just looks good :tanoshii:

  7. Cotton can totally be adult! I think this is a very cute outfit Neko-chan! And it’s always good to explore your blogging horizons.

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