Afternoon tea in Burgundy~

Afternoon tea in Burgundy~
Hey Guys! Recently I’ve been all into bordeaux and burgundy. Actually I love every shade of red and it’s my favorite color but burgundy and bordeaux have a mystic touch that I like a lot. As I mentioned in previous posts I can’t wait for fall to begin! We still have some decently warm days but they’re accompanied by a pleasant cool wind. Yes, I’m definitely an autumn child :twinkles:
Instead of blogging I’ve been plunging in the dephts of polyvore. I love browsing through all the items to find what goes just right with the outfit I’m creating. Sometimes it can be nerve-wracking if you just can’t find the perfect shade of lipstick or jewelry but in the end everything will mostly turn out as you imagined or even better. Although burgundy is wearable all year long I like this color especially in autumn and winter. Sometimes I added a touch of mustard yellow, light or dark blue and grey or gold.

And now a totally different topic. Two days ago I got the confirmation that I will be attending my first Lolita tea party!

Miho kindly sent me an invitation from “Les Gourmandises de Miyuko” and since there aren’t many events like this in Switzerland and I would love to meet her again I’m very happy. In fact I’m very excited because I’m finally also going to meet Laurita! :blinkheart:
The dresscode is strictly Lolita and as you may know, Im not a Lolita. Sure I have cute dresses and blouses but the real Lolita style goes far beyond that. Bonnets, Alice bows, bloomers and other distinctive items are the soul of every Lolita outfit. I’m not sure whether to go as a sweet Lolita or gothic. I like both the same but I have more gothic pieces so I’ll probably stick to that. Nervetheless this is a huge but fun challenge for me and I’m slightly nervous about the outcome of my outfit. Laurita kindly offered to borrow me one of her dresses and I’m so happy she did! If everything fails and I just can’t get my style to look loli enough I can still ask her to help me. :arigatou:


I’m sure we’re going to have so much fun together! Probably we will be somewhat below the average age but that’s going to make the whole thing even more interesting. The location, as you can see here, is very cute but tiny so there will be only a limited number of guests. I’m kind of nervous to walk around publicly dressed up like a Lolita but fortunately the location is’n too far away from where I live and once arrived, there will be Lolitas all around me and that’s going to be really special for me! I feel a little bit like a wolfe in sheep’s clothing. :totorosmile:

To look at more of my polyvore sets, red on!
little red riding hood
whipped cream

Stay tuned for more :swirlheart:

byebye ねこちゃん :lipstick:

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  1. Hi Dear :nyanyan:

    For the Afternoon tea I probably will be a lady in black – I decided to wear my Goth-Loli :nyan: You’re lucky cause you live in Zürich, I’ll have to walk in my dress from Lucerne to Zürich! Well, it’s not my first time to “be unique” in public but it still needs a lot of courage :nope:

    jupie~ see you soon ねこちゃん :swirlheart:

    PS. red color shades truly looks very elegant & majestic.

  2. Colors like this and I have a complex relationship. I love it on my lips…hate it everywhere else. I’m an aquarius, an air sign (lol, yes i’m sure it’s air and not water!) So maybe that’s why?

    =w= Your blog isn’t updating on my feed again. Resubscribing now.

    • whaaat? oh no, not again! But I checked and I think it works for others..hmm.. anyway

      I love this color everywhere but I have to admit that I don’t own many pieces in this color.. I’m scorpion and water but I think burgundy and bordeaux look earthy so they should belong to earth :tongue:

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