I’m a curious cat from Switzerland, bewitched by everything beautiful. While travelling in Japan I discovered an immense beauty within the lifestyle, mentality and nature of this country and its people. With contrast being one of my hugest sources of inspiration, I never grow tired of exploring the depths of Japanese culture.

This blog is where I document my journey and share it with whomever it may interest.

One special trait of Japanese culture I acquired is the preparation of Bento. Making a Bento is choosing and preparing food and arranging it into a lunchbox to present a delicious but also beautiful meal. Other than the art of making Bento, there are many different topics on my blog, most of them involving something Japanese such as Japanese lifestyle, art and cuisine, but there are also some Japan-unrelated articles about my personal life here in Switzerland.

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  1. Hi I’m Italian and I’ve just discovered this fantastic blog. Do you study Japanese? When I’m at the university I want to study Japanese too, I would really like to cook like you! I’ve even bought a book that talks about Japanese cuisine! Sorry if my English isn’t perfect, although I’m studying languages :)

    • Ciao Bianca! I’m happy you found this blog and that you like my cooking :) I’m not studying Japanese yet, I just learned everyday basics when I was there.. oh and about the English, I think yours is much better than mine!! ma possiamo anche scriverci in Italiano hehe :) (non sono molto brava ad scrivere.. faccio tanti errori ma ci capiremo)

  2. Oh sì volentieri :DD Non parli affatto male italiano invece. Aspetto con ansia altri obento!

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  4. hello, I just happen to be skimming for images for cat’s that walk up right to draw a book cover for a cat story i had wrote at one time, and i ran across your blog about the Bakeneko, i think your information has been the most informative out of anything i have ever read about them, so thanks <3. I love your blog it's so cute! thank you for your contribution to the world of information and entertainment <3 Niya!!

  5. :hirabbit: ,
    I found your Blog at Bentolunch.org… Your Bentos are so awesome! I just started making Bentos for my Daughter (1,5 y.) a few weeks ago, so I’m searching for Inspirations… Found it yet! :aiai: Thanks!
    Do you speak german, too?
    Greetings from Berlin

  6. :hello:
    I really love your blog and also I think you’re a nice girl!
    I’m a 26 year-old girl from Iran. :lipstick:
    thank you for being such a nice girl in this bad world! :blinkheart:

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  8. :hirabbit: Hi! I stumbled across your website and I’m glad I did! Thank you for sharing our little Japanlover.me baby! We’re so glad that you love the idea and share our enthusiasm! It’s this kind of love and appreciation for our passions that make us want to always continue sharing!

    Thanks for your support and keep doing what you’re doing! Hopefully someday we can have a large gathering of JapanLovers! <3


  9. Hi! looking for pics about bakeneko or others nekos I found your blog.
    Very nice and informative; I, like you admire the japanese kultur and I LOVE THE CATS! I have one. Is an old Devon Rex (14) but he is not so big so he can´t transform into a evil cat… thanks for a very nice blog

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