A sudden change of Plans

A sudden change of Plans
Remember how I told you that I was going to study during all my holidays? Well I just learned that in fact I haven’t got one week but two weeks of holidays! This has both, good and bad aspects for me.. Anyway, this is going to be a very short entry to tell you a little something about my plans. I didn’t study too seriously this week and probably I don’t deserve it but today we are going to Konstanz. Konstanz is in Germany and very close to Switzerland. Swiss people love to go there for shopping because it’s significantly cheaper. Honestly I think I’ve never been there.. so it’s about time!

And then, some sad, sad news… remember MAC’s Studio Fix Foundation I bought two weeks ago? Well it’s giving me terrible breakouts! I can’t believe it!!! I always thought people who say that a certain product causes breakouts were strange and that this couldn’t be true.. well, I was taught better.. :ohnoo:
I can’t believe I needed two weeks to accept the fact that this foundation is bad for my skin!
And I’m still fighting it! :snif: I’m really thunderstrucked! I mean it’s something ON my skin..I’m not eating the foundation or anything.. and nevertheless it can influence and cause such a drastic change in my skin?!? damn…!
The other thing is, that as you may know, I wasn’t using any foundation until two weeks ago! Using foundation really changed my makeup habits and I liked the even tone it provided for my skin.. I got like really dependent on it! And now I just don’t have a foundation anymore!! I was so happy that the lady chose the right color and all and now I just learned that I can’t wear MAC foundations!! arghh this just really p*sses me off.. and that I needed such a long time to grasp what was going on with my skin makes me believe I’m really stupid :oh:

And last but not least: Mon Bento send me a sample of their Bento boxes!!! Merci beaucoup for this lovely gesture~
I like the box a lot! As you may already know, I basically have three different Bento boxes I use and they’re all in the traditional Japanese style (black). This is the first “modern” box I own! the color is so pretty! I can’t wait to make a Bento with it and show you the pictures! Normally I don’t plan how my Obento should look like but for this box with this color there is a specific idea in my head.

And that’s it for today! Next week I R E A L L Y need to study.. so I won’t be posting that much :sigh:
Have a nice weekend everybody!

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  1. ahhh I had the same problem with Studio Fix :( I think it’s because it’s got a load of silicone or something in it which clogs pores. The MAC prolongwear foundation works much better for me but I’m scared to buy something so expensive with that risk!

    Oooh cute Bento box! I’m trying to find a Little Twin Stars one for my lunches when I go back to school :D

    • Yes, I think I need something non-comedogenic.. but the studio fix wasn’t cheap!! :crying: I have to find something else.. anyway, for today I used a sample of a chanel foundation but it’s almost empty!

      I saw Little Twin Stars Bento boxes here and here I’m sure you will find something! There is a pretty big choice on Little Twin Stars Bento boxes :smile:

      • Ooh thanks so much! I’ll definitely pop them on my list! :D I know it’s not like finding a pokemon one which is proving to be a mission haha

  2. Lucky, I wish to visit Germany one day! Ahhh, I have the same problem when it come to comestic or even lotion. I have very sensible skin so I can’t wear any kind of makeup I always have to be careful! Hope you find a better fondation!

  3. I know a lot of the rules are different in Europe. Here in American we can return or exchange used cosmetics if they cause such a problem. Studio Fix Fluid was originally meant to be a stage foundation, as such it can be a bit rough on more delicate skin. Even my skin – which is very resilient gets occasional breakouts from it.

    One thing might be to use a primer, if you don’t want to get rid of SFF or if you want to use it every once in a while. Using a primer not only helps it last more but creates a barrier between your skin and the makeup. The only thing is that you have to get a primer that won’t cause breakouts itself! It takes a while to learn what products your skin can and cannot tolerate (for instance: silicon does nothing to my skin but makes many people break out!)

    I hope that you enjoy your vaca, the bento and that you find a foundation that works for you! <3

    • That’s so cool!!!! unbelievable!! The idea with the primer is great Ava! But it’s just as you say.. I’ll need to find a primer that won’t cause breakouts..
      hahaha omg I’m really silly.. I just bought a new foundation from Shiseido today.. but I will keep the SFF and look for a primer..
      the idea of creating a barrier between my skin and the makeup sounds good. But the primer needs to be really good!! not clogging pores etc.

  4. BTW: If you really really can’t take it back and it doesn’t work with a primer you can always try to sell it. Either on your blog, on sites like MakeupAlley, Soompi or Spektra ! Blogsales are common and both websites have a place where you can swap or sell used makeup. Just try to gauge what percentage is left and price it at what you think it’s worth. You won’t get all your money back but definitely a reasonable amount.

    • Ava~ You’re so smart! This is just a whole new domain for me and it’s unimaginable for me that someone actually would buy my used product!! I mean what if someone really evil puts something bad in it?!? I don’t know if I could ever buy used makeup =( but that’s probably just me (little paranoid).. and of course I wouldn’t do such a thing!! :hai:

      If I find a primer in time I’ll keep the SFF and if not I can still sell it like you said!

  5. AAAACK I keep adding notes. It’s not foolproof but the website Temptalia has a foundation matrix where you can search for your MAC foundation and find equivalent shades in almost every other brand. Occasionally the “matches” are a little off but usually they’re quite good! >> << I think that's everything I have to say!

    • wuaaaaaah greeaaat!!!!! thank you so much Ava! I will check it out right now!

      PS: You know that I trust your words a lot and that your opinion is always (!!!!) appreciated and warmly wished for!

  6. Well the Puces Pop isn’t really a flea market. It’s an event that happens a few time a year where local crafter sell their handmade product. I really love it since you can find unique stuff that isn’t mass product and you can also suport the local artist.

  7. :hello: Viel Spass in Konstanz :twinkles:
    Ich denke, die Foundation solltest du ohne Probleme weiterverkaufen können. Wenn du dir das nächste Mal eine Foundation kaufst guck mal ob es Pröbchen oder möglichst kleine Packungen gibt. :nyanyan:

    • du hast völlig recht! das mit den proben ist eine gute Idee… naja das nächste mal.. PS: hab jetzt schon ne neue foundation von shiseido..ich mag sie ganz doll!!! mal sehen ob sie meine haut auch mag :)

  8. That’s cool that you have 2 weeks off! Sorry I’m kinda catching up with blog backwards ^^ Sorry to hear the foundation broke you up! Their tinted moisturizer hated my skin too. Hope your skin is better now! Hope you’re enjoy the time off now :D

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