A sea of purple

A sea of purple
I did it! I got up at 6am., grabbed a pair of comfortable trousers, didn’t even wash my face or something and went out in the dark. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I arrived near the forest and the fog was so thick I could hardly see something. I decided to take the less scarier way and started to jog. I had to stop a few times but I runned there and back. It is still very dark at 6am. but the good thing is, that there’s no one there who could see you in that pituful condition. :sigh: Once back home, I did 50 crunches and even went on a bike for 5 min. It wasn’t much but I think it’s good for a start.
And now something totally different. Remember my entry where I wrote that I had ordered the Kabuki brush set from Sigma? Well, it arrived two days ago, one day after I wrote an email to them, asking if the latency was normal. I tried out the blush brush and the flat foundation brush and I like both. But before I can tell you something more, I first have to use them a little longer.
And the order from Aubin & Wills arrived! :jumpingrabbit:
I have to say, that the colors look even more amazing in real than on the pictures. I’m so happy I did this little madness. Und to to live up to this post’s name, here the Obento I had on Tuesday.

To see more pictures of the Obento, read on!

Ume Okaka Onigiri, Edamame, sausage, cucumber, tofu, sprouts, coriander, cannelloni and an Usagi Ringo.
Today I’m leaving for the countryside! The last time I’ve been there was for the grape harvest in September. I will tell you about the new Sigma brushes when I’m back again! And if I get to make a decent outfit shot with my fox scarf I will post that too. :wink:
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


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  1. Ooh well done! I’m not sure I have the discipline to get up that early if I’m NOT jogging! I might give the exercise routine you posted up last time a try, it might be fun to see if it makes a difference :)

    And once again I leave your blog hungry for tofu and sausage. mmmm nommy nom!


  2. Das sieht leeeecker aus! Die Farbe vom Rotkohl macht ja echt was her. Aber kann man den wirklich roh essen? Ich meine, ich kenne zwar Rezepte für Salat, aber kann mich irgendwie nicht mit dem Gedanken anfreunden…

  3. yaaay :raburabu: I’m happy you like the Obento!
    @ Izzit The Miffed: I love finely shredded cabbage, it is great in salads! espacially with goma sauce =) But for this Obento I used the big leafs as decoration..

  4. Neko!! I miss you so much. It’s taken forever to get to a computer that allows me to post comments. ; _ ; My laptop isn’t estimated to be back until the 5th!! Aaah~

    I can’t wait to read what you have to say about the brushes. And I’m so proud of you for starting on your goal~

    • Ava!! :heartame:
      I missed you too! Don’t worry about the comments, I know that your laptop is away and how hard it is to comment with a phone :eee:
      I will review the brushes soon!

    • Thank you Nic Nic! The idea with the tutorial is great! Thanks for that! I think I’ll give it a try :whistle:

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