A rainy summer

A rainy summer
:hirabbit: Dear readers, I don’t know how summer is treating your part of the world but here in Switzerland it is raining every day and the temperature is around 17 °C (63 °F). To have at least one sunny memory of this summer during the cold seasons (and well yes, get tanned and all that..:tongue:), we decided to go to Italy! Since I won’t bring my computer with me, this is going to be the last entry for the next two weeks! These last days I was busy finishing different tasks like cleaning, paying bills, taking care of plants (replant etc.) and writing my matricultion project. In order to have an empty and clean fridge for when we come back I decided to use up the few things that were left to create a last Obento with it. There was a carrot, a cucumber, some potatoes, Renkon (lotus root), some radishes and a little bit of rocket salad. Here the result:

I’m so looking forward to Miho-chan‘s Takoyaki dinner on saturday! I love Takoyaki (small batter balls filled with octopus, leek etc. and garnished with different yummy toppings) but since you need a special pan to do them and I don’t own one this is going to be such a unique opportunity! Furthermore we still have to toast to our passed exams! :totorosmile: I wish you all a less rain-swept summer than here or a cosy time at home. :nyanyan:

I will really miss you guys!! :blinkheart: Take care and stay tuned!

I will be back with tons of new ideas and pictures to share with you! :catexclam:
To see more pictures of the Obento and what I packed for the next two weeks click below on “read more


Ready for Sardinia:swirlheart:

byebye ねこちゃん :lipstick:

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  1. dini bentos gsehnd SO süess us!! :robu:
    viel Spass in Italien! ^_^ ich bliib halt i dä verregnete Schwiz :newbuddy:

  2. @ lacosta: Danke! :arigatou:
    so vill ich weiss sötts denn im August scho wieder besser werde :swirlheart: es ischs so komisch das wetter im summer dass ichs scho fast wieder gmüetlich find :tongue: aber du gasch doch nach China! ned? das wird sicher hammer!! Ich wünsch dier au ä ganz schöni Zit und bis bald villicht :nyan:

  3. I would happily trade. We’re having a heat wave over here and I’m sick so it’s making me miserable. Not that I would like it if I wasn’t sick. I’m a cold weather person all the way!

    I’m going to miss you during those two weeks! D: Have a safe and fun trip!

  4. @ Ava: Yes, I heard about the heat wave in the USA! I know what you mean, I’m also more of a cold weather person but in order to get tanned I’m happy to have some sunshine and hot weather :wink:

    @ Vermillion: Thank you! And oh yes, I will share the pictures with you :swirlheart:

    write you in two weeks!

  5. WOW… wieder so ein leckeres und süßes bento. ich habe immer vorgehabt, eins von deinen bento nachzumachen und als mittagsessen mitzunehmen. aber irgendwie bin ich viel zu faul, abends für den nächsten tag zu kochen.

    wünsche dir viel spass in italien.

  6. Uaaah (‐^▽^‐)so many comments – your lovely ♥ I hope you had as much fun reading my posts as I was reading your comments ヾ(☆o☆) It seems you are back from Italy? Had a great stay there (^-^ ) ?

    Here is my reply to your comments あははっ♪

    1. Nailart: If your nails (and mine xD) are long enough, we could have a get-together and try out some nailart. I have a myriad of colorful polishes >w<. I should count and post them once on my Blog *laugh*
    2. Hamburgers: yes, they were delicious (they would be nice for an Apéro :wink:) I thought of making them on my own. It looks very simple.
    3. Harry Potter: ahahaa o(>▽<)o I was very amused too, there are a lot of crazy girls out there ^^
    4. Europapark: yes, next time let’s go together ^.~ I am sure it will be very funny *w* Food Loop was between “Spain” and “England”, it was in a building which looked like a circus tent.
    5. Koneko: If you say that the book (Naokos Lächeln) is good, I certainly have to read it. At the moment I am reading so many books ^^ no school => no home works => no study => more time for myself => reading books *lol* well, it looks like I can go to school in September so I should make use of my free time as long as I can (。>ω<。)

    ねこちゃん♥I can’t wait to read your new entries!! :nyanyan:

    PS. I still have some holiday until the end of August, so if you have time just let me know (may we could have a cup of coffee/tea together ^^) Has your school already started?

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