A dream castle

A dream castle
Happy New Year Everyone! あけましておめでとうございます~ :twinkles:
I know, it’s been a while since my last entry and I feel kind of guilty but here I am! I hope you all had a magnificent New Year’s Eve with your family or friends and beloved ones. I spent the evening with Silvankun, my closest friend, her boyfriend and many other people I didn’t really know. The party was semiprivate and the location stunning! Hahaha I’m sure you’re thinking of something completely different so let me explain it a little better. A part of the location was a cute greenhouse made of glass with colorful bulbs that diffused a funky light and special atmosphere. Not what you were expecting eh? Anyway, I was about to dress up with high heels & black lace when my friend told me that the event was rather familiar and comfy and honestly I felt kind of relieved.
The people were really nice, there were many fireworks and we had a great and most of all, funny time. How did you spend your New Year’s Eve? Did you make any New Year’s resolutions?
Mine are quite simple, study more, exercise and learn how to moderate my gaming urge. Yes, you read correctly, since Silvankun got an iPad as a Christmas gift we spent hours gaming Tiny Tower, Mistery Mansion, MewMew Tower and other games. This is also the reason why I’ve been neglecting my blog and other things… :oh: but it’s sooo addicting!

We both look so silly in this picture but somehow I like it :klimper:

A few days ago an acquaintance of mine uploaded some pictures of a cute little castle located about a 30 minutes car ride from Zurich. I was so amazed that the next day I decided to visit it. There are many ancient castles, ruins and fortifications in Switzerland but I had never seen such an architecture here so I was really eager to visit it. Some people think it looks a tiny little bit like the Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, Germany and although the Wart castle in Switzerland is much smaller and less impressive I can see a modest resemblance. Anyway, when I first saw the pictures of it I immediately thought about it as the perfect place for a Lolita meeting and shooting. Unfortunately the castle isn’t publicly accessible but since the owners seemed to be on holiday we dared to take a peek.

I really tried to dress up like some kind of classical Lolita but it didn’t turn out lolitesque enough I think..rather preppy? When we arrived the weather was freezing and there was nobody there so we wandered around in the park and Silvankun took some pictures of me. Since it was so cold I couldn’t stand taking many pictures without my lovely new coat so the outfit isn’t really visible on every picture but it’s enough to get an impression of it I think. :klimper:

To follow ねこちゃん to the castle, read on!

Aren’t the houses beautiful? This isn’t the actual castle but the surrounding buildings.. maybe they were thought for the personnel? As you can see it was cloudy and a little foggy that day so the pictures have this very cold light but later on we catched some sunbeams.

hahaha I’m sorry for my very sceptical facial expression.. I’m rather untalented when it comes to posing. :snif:

I thought the white lacy umbrella would give the whole the ultimate Lolita look but I was wrong.. It takes far more to create a real Lolita look! Next time I’ll try to do better..

I hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures! :happy:
I’ll be back soon with a new Bento and other things but I’m very busy studying because of the first part of my final exams that takes place in February.


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  1. Nice to hear from you Nekochan :catexclam:

    Oh, I see, you got addicted to the iPad :nope: :wink: ! I know that problem *lol* I got one week off during Xmas/New Year and I actually wanted to study and make my homeworks… but what did Miho really do? Instead of learning I ate, blogged, shopped, looked TV, met my friends and had other exciting moments… (and my exams are in nearly 3 weeks :x:)

    Anyway, there are too many great things to do than staying at home with schoolbooks :tongue:

    I love your facial expression, expecially your serious look, it’s so cute :hehe: :whistle:

  2. How picturesque! I can’t pick a favorite! Everything is adorable, especially you and Silvan-kun. <3

    8D I think you should try the leverags. My hair is really really difficult to curl as well but if I leave them on overnight it really does work. The person who inspired me to tried them had straight "asian" hair and it even worked for her! <3 The mascara was CoverGirl Lash Blast volume. It's a cult mascara – I haven't reviewed it yet but yes, it's wonderful!

  3. Dawwww! The picture of the two of you is SO cute :) and the castle is amazing! We don’t really have places like that where I live, which is odd – you’d think in the UK there’d be a big pile of castles! I’d definitely love to dress lolita every day and live in a castle like that! xxx

  4. I also have simple resolutions. Just to read more or so.
    Wow those houses and that castle are so beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I really like the colour of your coat. The place is lovely by the way. I spent new year’s eve with some of my friends and my boyfriend. We had a nice dinner and then we walked to the city and danced!

  6. あけましておめでとうございます :hello: Happy New Year!
    Nice photos with V-sign(ピース)!!! very cute!

  7. @ Miho-chan: I’m so happy I managed to do both during the last two days! I study and I game :totorosmile: and if possible blog..hrhr

    @ Ava: awww thank you :hehe: I love wavy hair so maybe I’ll try this! I wouldn’t buy a curling iron because I think that’s to aggressive for my hair and it doesn’t really work except if I use tons of hair spray but even then it only lasts for a few hours… I will definitely buy that mascara!!!

    @ Maisy: I’m glad you like the pictures!! I always think of England as the typical castle place.. :catexclam: I’ve only been to Swanage for two weeks in a language school but I would love to visit many more places there!!

    @ Vermillion: Thanks for saying so! I think my hair color is rather strange :nope: but if I’ll dye it I’ll dy it pink! :smile:

    @ laura-bee: You’re welcome! :smile:

    @ The life after: dancing sounds great!! :happy: It’s been too long since I’ve last been dancing… :snif:

    @ Yuki: ありがとう~ :hehe:

  8. I always love your travel posts!! Is your bf there? You guys make a really handsome couple!!! Happy new year neko-chan!!

  9. Happy New Year to you as well!

    And don’t feel guilty about not updating your blog, we all do it and we all need a break sometimes :)

    Those pictures are awesome! The castle does look very Lolita and you and your friend look so adorable in the first pic! Thanks for sharing those pictures with us!

  10. @ Nic nic: awww Thank you Dear! Yes, it’s my bf! :swirlheart: I’m glad someone appreciates my travel posts! I like yours too!

    @ Richelle: Thank you! You’re welcome :happy:

    @ trishie: Thank you! and yes I had really nice holiday season! :smile:

  11. Oh that’s such a beautiful castle- it has a homely nature to it! I would love to see it one day. I’ve seen Neuschwanstein in Munich which is my favourite castle so far! :)

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